Fred Robbins

Fred Robbins was in practice yesterday. Boy do we need him. Of all the players out there who are hurt (yes, even Ahmad), Robbins is the single most important one to get back healthy. The comments on his blog are actually quite informative, taken at face value. (Also, referenced on the right side is a new listing of players’ blogs that were added last week.)

November 5, 2008: “Playing with two broken hands is a piece of work, man. I broke them a couple weeks ago against the 49ers, both times making tackles.”

December 2, 2008: “I hurt the AC joint in my shoulder in the Arizona game… I’m not complaining. My hands are healed up and my shoulder is coming along.”

December 9, 2008: “My hands are better and my shoulder feels OK, the last few games every season you have to gut it out with some soreness. It’s nothing I can’t play with and it’s getting better day by day. That’s why we want to get that bye week and have time to heal.”

December 16, 2008: “I definitely want to play. That’s the thing, the players always want to be out there on the field, but I don’t want to go out there too early and have a chance to reinjure my shoulder. I want to make sure I’m around for the playoffs, take some time as far as the healing process. I started having problems with it after playing last week. What happens when you have an injury is that you talk to the team doctor, they ask for your opinion, the doc says his opinion and the coach makes the final decision. Coach Coughlin said he wanted to make sure I was around for the playoffs. Health is a big issue and you want to make sure you don’t reinjure yourself. I’m definitely starting to feel better but it’s too early to say for sure whether I’ll play against Carolina. The strength in my shoulder just isn’t there yet, I can’t protect myself on the field and that’s not a good thing. I’ll probably know by the end of the week. Friday I’ll go out there and do some work on the practice field and see how it feels.”