The Steelers

3 point dogs this weekend. Last year I always liked it when the Giants were dogs. They always played better. When they were the favorites (like home vs the Vikes, Washington) they stunk it up. When they were on the road, they went to work. So I like this.

This game is going to be awfully physical. If the Giants work for 60 minutes this is going to be a fun game to watch.

Wonder: “I like the Steelers to win the game. Giants have a better offensive and defensive line than the Steelers, so it does not make any sense to like the Steelers. But they are coming home, emotion and Big Ben will be the reason why. Holmes and Ward will have a good game. I was extremely disappointed in the Giants not pressuring the Cleveland OL. If Kiwi and Tuck do not pressure Big Ben it is a problem. The Giants OL has not yet faced the kind of blitz packages they will see from the Steelers. Everyone sees this as a close game, but I do not. This game will be determined by turnovers, whoever gets them will win 27-13. The Giants have NOT gotten the turnovers this season.”

Well, Wonder won’t be popular here after that call, but remember he is unbiased and still likes our team’s chances (overall). He just likes the emotion of the Steelers at home.

This game is a big test, the first one of the season for the Giants. The Monday night game was a stealth attack. Everyone had just finished crowning the Gmen and they were on their way to a perfect season. This time there are zero excuses. Play the game and win the game. If Pierce is healthy/playing* I will like them more. But to be fair, I don’t think Parker is going to play (last word was he was going to play, but how effective coming back anyway?), so how can we have excuses? I will go against Wonder here because I think the Giants as road warriors know what it takes to win on the road and they will have the composure to play 4 quarters and win. Either way, we are certainly going to learn about the team on Sunday. Good test.

* addendum: interesting to note that Wonder would take the Giants +3 if they have Pierce playing, otherwise no bet.