Wide Receiver

Boldin is being shopped by the Cardinals. Wonder: “Boldin would be a very good get for the Giants, not as good or as preferred as Braylon Edwards because Edwards is more of a longball guy, younger, has not gotten hurt in the league, taller, more potential. Eli is simply not an accurate QB and Edwards would make him better than Boldin would make him better. Alley oop it to Edwards in the endzone, airmail it deep to Edwards and he will get it. Braylon Edwards is a stud. Boldin is a horse, strong, a proven product, has great YAC AFTER he gets the ball, but does ELI get him the ball in the first place?!!! With Boldin, you have to sort out his contract issues. Boldin is NOT a head case!!! You tell me when you are an all-star WR and you are NOT on the field near the end of the game for your team going to the Super Bowl, you have got to be kidding me! It made no sense that he was not on the field, some times these coaches lose track of who is on the field. This is why Parcells was so great, why he could beat the 49ers 15-14 in the title game (overachieving, having no business winning that game), he had such great attention to detail.”

Maybe the Giants can play off AZ and the Browns. As for the Browns waiting on the draft to go after Crabtree, Wonder shot my idea down… :”(1) I doubt Crabtree will be there at 5 for the Browns. (2) if Crabtree is there, the Browns won’t take Crabtree anyway, that is a smokescreen, Mangini wants to tear down the team and start over, build a defense, so he’ll trade Edwards for #1 and whatever, he’ll trade one of his two QBs for a #1 and whatever, and he’ll have three #1s for his defense.”

Speaking of Parcells, a view from 1300 miles south on I-95 for drafting a WR next weekend. It comes with a requote of a great Parcells line.

“Dime a dozen”… Call it a coincidence, but Parcells agrees with the Ultimatenyg philosophy (Rule #3) of WRs. Obviously we were schooled by Parcells in the workup to Super Bowl XXI and XXV- NEITHER team had a dominant WR yet we still won two titles.

Is 2009 different in terms of the metamorphosis of the game to where rule changes make it impossible to win a title w/o a strong WR? This debate rages on. We won Super Bowl XLII with Burress hurt in the big game, a decoy. Yes, he helped us tremendously that season, but the point is that it takes a lot more than a WR to win in this league. You still need a reliable, if not strong and dominating defense.

Wonder’s latest: “I would take Britt over Nicks…Bey is a total feast or famine..but TONS of upside.”

In Round #2 (the Saints pick) previously: “draft Robiske..he’s ‘NFL-ready’…more so than anyone but Crabtree.” But his stock seems to be rising enough that he may be hard to get at that juncture.

In Round #3 we are looking at the Barden/Turner/Murphy.

WONDER’S LATE ROUND WR STEAL IN THE DRAFT:”AUSTIN COLLIE. 6’1″ 200 lbs BYU. Has glue for hands, plays quick, will be very good in a few years. In the right system he will be AWESOME.”

And from a previous post, a Wonder sleeper: “Dominique Edison, WR, Jints 2nd round or Jets/jints 3rd… 60-90th pick…just have to understand it will take him a couple of years to develop..after that, watch out.”

I have been feeding all the WR-Burress-hangover guys on a steady WR diet for a little while. We’ll turn our attention to LINEBACKER tomorrow.