Bears Preview

Sunday night the Gmen play the Bears at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  We like the favorite to cover… the NY GIANTS.

Julius Peppers.  Mike Martz.  Jay Cutler.  Devin Hester at WR.  This Bears team has energy.  Enough energy to be 3-0.  But let’s remember…

they stole a game vs the Lions when Calvin Johnson went bowling

they beat the underachieving Wades in Week 2

and in Week 3 Mike McCarthy made a charitable donation to the Bears 2010 playoff drive as well 

Yes, it is quite possible that the great 3-0 Bears could have been 0-3 if even a few things went differently.  This detail, plus the fact that they are coming off an emotional home Monday night win, makes them vulnerable to the letdown travel game.  With the Giants a little ornery after getting poked and prodded by the Titans, we predict they’ll be focused.  Giants win and cover, 26-17.

It is not who you play, it is when you play them.  The Bears weren’t the only ones to get a gift from McCarthy.  We noted earlier this week that it would have been much worse if the Bears lost on Monday. 

Phil Simms: “(Bears) Monday night hangover.  That disaster the Giants had last week.. they’ll correct it.  It’s a huge game for their football team.  They’ll win.”

If you want logic in this matchup, you go with the Bears. Hester vs our specials teams/Dodge? I cringe.  Martz’s short passes to the RB vs our LBers?  I cringe. 

CB Terrell Thomas said the key to dealing with Bears small, speedy receivers Johnny Knox and Devin Hester is to get to them before they get to you:  “You want to stop their speed, that’s how you negate speed, you stop ’em at the line of scrimmage, it messes up the timing and then you let our boys up front eat.  You want to hit the receivers at the line of scrimmage.”

Perry Fewell, are you listening?  Jam early, jam often.  I’d like to think that Webster and Thomas will be empowered to do what they were drafted to do- play press coverage.

The bottomline is that, like the Titans game, this game too offers the Giants an opportunity.  Yes, it is possible to get confidence in a loss.  The Giants worked hard last week and lost, they’ll work even harder this week and get the win.  Just do me a favor and remember after they are 2-2, that the problem with the team is playing consistently at a high level.

Tomorrow: Q&A exchange with Midway Illustrated. 

Bears Preview

I just saw Kimberly Jones on “This Week in Football.” She is one of the beat writers, and reports something from earlier in the week that I did not see…. seems that Eli Manning on Monday was asked about the 3 balls batted down at the line of scrimmage and was queried about them (in addition to the 4 INTS). Manning was apparently willing to admit there might be something to the Vikings following Manning’s eyes. Ya Think?

This attention this week to Eli’s flaws might give him some religion this weekend vs the Bears. QB RELIGION. Thou shalt not stare down a Wide Receiver for too long before getting rid of thy football. If Manning can clean things up a little, the rest of the team can play better and will indeed bounce back with a win. Let’s see if we can get ONE game from Manning. The Giants should not be favs this weekend, so I will respect that and believe the Giants will win.