Jerry Reese

Two days ago Coop wanted to shine the spotlight on Jerry Reese.  A lot of good questions and good answers came about. 

At risk of parroting one response to Coop’s questions about Reese, Reese gave Coughlin plenty of talent to work with.  To be fair to both of these men, it was not their fault that Kenny Phillips went down.  We can all look back and agree that that was a body blow the Giants could not and would not recover from.  And to be fair to us here at Ultimatenyg, it was Cody and Ultimatenyg who were very early adopters of the notion that Reese was dropping the ball at Safety, LONG BEFORE PHILLIPS EVEN SHOWED UP AT CAMP.  Does Reese deserve a lot of blame there? Absolutely.  But let’s run down his personnel preparation for 2009, position by position.

OL: He drafted a new one early.  Still a little shy here, as we noted in late July.  Grade C.

QB: Paid too much to re-sign Manning, and that will ALWAYS take away cap resources from other positions.  But hard to fault him because Manning is the franchise.  Manning may not be a leader of men, but it is near impossible to see where this franchise would be without him.  Grade A-.

RB: Jacobs too oft injured? Ward let go too easily? Bradshaw brittle? I am as guilty as Jerry here, as I welcomed the promotion for Bradshaw at Ward’s expense.  But this guy GOT Bradshaw and Ware.  He got Andre Brown in the 4th round… how do you hang him here when RBs get injured routinely at this position.  Even Ware was a casualty in W1.  Grade B+.

WR: Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham.  Grade A.

TE: He delivers Boss in Round 5 of the 2007 draft and Gilgarbage weaves straw from gold and wastes this amazing asset.  Grade A+.

DL: Reese fortifies this position with free agents.  A for effort, F for results.  He’s living on Accorsi’s fumes.  Grade D.

LB: See Manny’s comments from Wed.  Interesting ideas about poor player evaluation methods here.  Serial neglect of this position.  Nicks + Smith + Manningham means we get F***EDHERE REPEATEDLY.  Grade F.  If I could grade him and his predecessor with a Grade of J for Joke, I would.  LBer LBer LBer. 26 years and counting.

CB: Terrell Thomas. Effort is made with resources here.  Ross injury prone, but remember Ross helped this team (along with Accorsi’s Webster) to win a Super Bowl.  Grade B.

S: Lack of depth put at his feet.  When you pick Phillips you are never going to know a year later he is going to develop an arthiritic knee.  But he left Coughlin holding the bag here.  Numerous times.  Grade D. 

Final Grade B-. (Offensive Grade: B+ or A-,  Defensive Grade: D+)

Summary: Wow- I am surprised it is this low.  From my attempt at being objective, I believe Coop is borne out for being more correct about the teflon falling off on Reese as well.  The big killer here is- what has Reese done to help the defense?  He abandoned it (only Sintim) in the draft this past year, using 6 of the first 7 for offense, and the scores are already showing that.  Plus, like it or not, but Rocky Bernard was a disaster and Boley/Canty did not put this team over the top the way Reese was planning.  Those free agent picks were part of a “win now” design.  We did not win NOW, so the designer (Reese) must shoulder ‘some’ of the responsibility.

Reese gets the B-, not worse, because it is not his fault that Coughlin lost the team and it had no pride.  One obvious sidenote conclusion is that Defense needs to be addressed severely this April in the draft.  If I see another WR drafted in the first three rounds for the next 3 years I am going to lose it.  And so will the Giants.  LBer LBer LBer. 

Jerry Reese

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2) It may be a quiet Saturday morning but the Giants have a game tomorrow…

On Thursday Jerry Reese spoke to Paul Schwartz.  The answers were mostly the typical platitudes but Reese was kind of enough to throw us a few bones.

When Phillips got hurt, we asked why more options were not presented.  Weeks after the disclosure (and yet more weeks after the Giants knew about the seriousness of the injury) his hand was forced when the doctors essentially ended Phillips’ season.   Reese did not act until he absolutely had no choice.  With only two Safeties now on the roster, he was ‘lucky’ to get Rouse off of waivers from the Packers.  His answer to why he was not more proactive was understandable, if not predictable:

Needless to say, when (Phillips) got hurt, we investigated some situations, and things didn’t materialize or it didn’t make sense for us.” 

We finally get the admission that the price was too high.  But when we see CC Brown in preseason, when we ONLY HAVE 3 SAFETIES ON THE ROSTER after preseason, it is harder to argue that everything is satisfactory.  We’re not asking for a Jerry Jones trade deadline panic of a 1, 3, and 6 for Roy Williams.  A serviceable body at 98.6° would suffice.  And to make matters slightly less believable, Reese’s answer to the play he is getting from CC Brown is embarrassing… 

I don’t think the safeties have played awful,” Reese said. “It sounds like everybody’s giving C.C. Brown a hard time. He’s come in and really done an admirable job for us.”

Admirable?  Admirable?  Admirable is the way you might try to describe the job of someone like Rouse, who has to pick up the playbook and work with new players, coaches and schemes on the fly.  It is not the way you describe the horrid play of someone who was picked up by the Giants in March, who had plenty of time to learn the defense through the myriad OTAs and preseason.  With Phillips out a lot in preseason, Brown had plenty of time to get good quality practice with the defense.  And as we saw vs the Saints, it is not as if he did not know the playbook… he is right where he needs to be vs Colston and Meachem, yet cannot make the play because he is simply not a good enough football player for this level of competition. 

Jerry Reese- Giants fans here on this blog and all over respect you because you do a great job.  YOU are admirable.  CC Brown is not.  Please don’t attach your locomotive to his caboose. 

3) We’ve talked about head injuries/concussions here before.  It is impossible for anyone except the doctors to have all the facts, but my instinct tells me to require any player having any concussion to sit for an extended period of time.  Not a game.  GameS.  Westbrook has a concussion.   News that he is possibly coming back to play in 6 days is insane.  And what about Boss?  The player who hit him (Rolle) got fined (where was the 15 YDer, everyone asked immediately thereafter).  He is supposed to play, but it sounded like he had a concussion too.  If it looks or smells like a concussion, it’s a concussion.  These are people’s lives.  How many times have we heard about players recounting years later how they were allowed to play but really should not have been playing.. that they really did have something before coming back the next week and getting into MUCH BIGGER TROUBLE?  Too many times.  The quality of the game will not suffer by simply benching these guys.  BOSS SHOULD NOT PLAY.  In fact, considering how Gilbride wastes the guy’s talents on a regular basis, you should hold him out until after the bye.  Bulls and bear make money, pigs eat sh*t.  This guy was knocked OUT.  He should not play.  The risk reward is terrible. On all levels.

4) The Line.  Giants -1 on the road.  They opened +3 so the spread moved 4 points, which is huge. A lot of this is Westbrook.  Another part is a growing consensus that the Giants are not going to allow themselves to lose 3 in a row, something they have not done in 3 years.  Speaking about consensus.. you start getting nervous when everyone is on the Giants.  Everyone is on the Giants.  I mean EVERYONE.  9 out of 9 NY Post geniuses have the Giants.  And the only thing worse than this is that 4 of those also go out of their way and make them a Best Bet too.  Yeeesh.  I’d like the Giants to win this game too if not for the masses here jumping all over this.  No selection here, but something does not make sense.  Generally speaking this looks too easy, and if that is the case take the other side.  We’ll just note this aberration, root for the gmen to pull it in, but if they do not we will have to remind ourselves that the masses were telling us to trust the Eagles because zero are on them.

5) There are 9 Post geniuses and then there is one Phil Simms:  “Giants pass rush is going to be the difference because McNabb’s getting hit a lot.  That’s why the Giants are going to win.  They just took two losses..”  Irresistible force meets immovable object.  

6) Interesting/fun remarks from Nicks.

7) The Eagles can run a few (more) Vick plays vs the Giants.  It would represent a good matchup for them for this set of slower LBers minus Boley.