NFL chat

WSJournal article on the Giants unrestricted free agents, more LBer talk, the new Giants Stadium and Sponge Tech Delivery Systems.  Plus breaking news on LT. 

1) Today in the WSJ, Aditi Kinkhabwala shows how the Giants are tops in the NFL in undrafted free agents.

2) Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on Blogtalkradio.  We discussed the Draft Project, the Giants and the NFL. (Suggestion: skip the first ~7 minutes of audio.)

2a) One of the panelists on the radio program was Bill Carroll of Consensus Draft Services.  He mentioned that he had started a Guru Accountability Project ~7 years ago but I could only find one reference to it on his site. 

3) An article (see second section) from which gets right into the wheelhouse of our ongoing debate about the pros and cons of LBer in the NFL in the year 2010.

The NFL’s shift to more spread-type offenses and an increased emphasis on the passing game have caused defenses to play more nickel packages, where middle — or at least one inside linebacker — is pulled off the field in favor of a third defensive back. That’s played a role in steering the limelight off inside linebackers and on outside linebackers who rush or cover receivers.

Has LBer been marginalized by the rules encouraging more passing and more nickel packages? Absolutely. But you are still going to have 2 LBers on the field on 3rd down who need to play in coverage.  They need to be as good as anyone else who suits up for the team. 

3a) What we keep getting is mix and match attempts to find LBers to who can fit in at different LBer positions.  Moving Wilkinson to MIKE. Moving Kiwi back and forth. Here’s the latest: Tracy for SAM.  No worries! Heck, he played that position as a freshman in High School!  In case you are curious about how some other teams find talent, here is a guy who can play LBer.  

4) Welcome to (New) Giants Stadium

5) A slightly different perspective on how the Eagles dealt McNabb

6) Beware of companies sponsoring professional sports teams.  How could a company selling soap-filled sponges have the money to sponsor the NY Giants?  Sponge Tech.  Sponge Tech Delivery Systems?!!  This one always smelled funny.  The list of companies who had stadiums named after themselves was a who’s who of fraudsters.  Maybe it’s because the excessive marketing cost for a ‘trophy’ like a stadium/promotion/affiliation is like a genetic marker for s-c-a-m.  The executives who sign off on the deal are already in the red so they go into full-Ponzi-mode in a blaze of glory.  I’ll leave you with this question- what does it say about the state of sports and stadiums that there can be so many ‘names’ that are dead to ‘rights?’   

7) Breaking news- LT will be charged with rape.