Wonderama Week 4

Wonder takes us around the league with comments on all 32 NFL teams.

Buffalo- Can I give a negative number for them? The worst team in the NFL.
Miami- Chad Henne will be a pain in my Jet team’s butt for the next 10 years. 
New England- VG team.  They’ll need to win every game 35-31.  But they can score the 35.
NY Jets- Brodney Pool made 2 huge defensive stops at the end of the game vs Miami.

Baltimore- I thought this was the year the O was going to take over for the D?
Cincinnati- Good solid team.  How good would they be if Carson started playing like Carson?! 
Cleveland- We knew Mangini didn’t get it.  Now we know Holmgren doesn’t get it.  The question is, how long does this marriage last?  
Pittsburgh- They will be the best team when Roethlisberger comes back.

Houston- Did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?
Indianapolis- Will always be a Top 5 team until Peyton is put in a wheelchair.
Jacksonville- Do you remember when people actually thought John Fox and Jack Del Rio were good coaches?
Tennessee- Jeff Fisher gets the most out of his players. Name one guy on their OL or DL!

Denver- Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Will Josh McDaniels see the end of his contract?
Kansas City- On the right track.  Not an elite team yet, will finish ~8-8 or 9-7.
Oakland- How do you not score with 1st and goal from the 1?
San Diego- Second most disappointing team this season.

Dallas- Watch out baby, here they come.
NY Giants- Cellar dwellers of the NFC Least.
Philadelphia- Can Vick really be this good? We’ll find out soon enough.
Washington- Shanahan lost his team 2 weeks ago when he went into the Prevent vs HOU.

Chicago- I really like the addition of Mike Martz.
Detroit- Not as bad as they look.  Still headed in right direction.
Green Bay- Mike McCarthy showed his true coaching inability on Mon night.  Too bad, because they sure have a boatload of talent.
Minnesota- Until Sidney gets back, tell Brett to just hand the ball off to AP.

Atlanta- Still not sold.  I like OL running the ball.
Carolina- Significantly worse than DET.  And w Clausen at QB… more trouble.
New Orleans- Still the best team, despite Sean Payton’s moronic FG attempt on 1st down.
Tampa Bay- Mike Williams is showing me something.

Arizona- Total charity. See Oakland’s comment (in reverse, for last week’s win).
St. Louis- Not a good team. 
San Francisco- Most Disappointing Team of 2010, bar none. 
Seattle- One of the early surprises of the NFC.  Playing hard for Pete Carroll.