Wonder’s 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Wonder walks us through Round 1 of the 2010 NFL Draft, which is being held this Thursday at 730PM ET.  We will have Pete and Wonder on Cover-It-Live, a live commenting session right here on the blog. 

This is a hybrid of not only where Wonder thinks players should go but also where these GMs will go with their picks.

1) Rams– Bradford
2) Lions– Suh
3) Bucs– McCoy
4) Skins– Okung
5) Chiefs– Here is where it gets interesting.  The Chiefs are rumored to be looking for suitors to trade down.  Assuming they stay where they are we’ll go with them taking Berry or Trent Williams.
6) Seahawks.  Big wild card.  But I’ll say that the Seahawks take whoever the Chiefs do not take, either Trent Williams or Eric Berry.
7) Browns– I do not think they are taking Claussen.  I think they take Dez Bryant. 
8) Raiders– How do you get in the mind of a maniac?  Bruce Campbell? (or one of the other 2 tackles Bulaga or Davis?) Pierre-Paul?
9) Bills– Jimmy Clausen.
10) Jaguars.  They want to trade down too.  If they stay, they take Earl Thomas.
11) Broncos– Rolondo McClain.
12) Dolphins– Derrick Morgan.  As a Jets fan and Dolphin hater, I am hoping they do something weak like taking Dan Williams here at #11.  Jason Ferguson is suspended for 8 games, so it is possible they could do that.
13) 49ers– They will take whichever Tackle is there of the 3 the Raiders take from, meaning we’ll go with Bulaga.
14) Seahawks– Spiller.
15) Giants– Brandon Graham.  He can play 4-3 DE, a smaller DE with a swim move. And then they trade Umenyiora if they get value for him.  The other possibility is Kindle or Weatherspoon, whichever they feel fits their system best.  Me? I feel Kindle fits the system best as an OLB with the most upside of anybody.  He can be a beast.  Also Weatherspoon can be a good solid Pro for 7-8 years.  So you can take Weatherspoon too and he will work out fine.  If the Giants had balls, they would go up and take Earl Thomas.  Earl Thomas better than Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips? Hell YES.  Earl Thomas will be an unbelieveable safety.  But they won’t do that.  
16) Titans– They will take CB, will be surprised to see Haden there and they will take him.  I think Wilson is better than Haden, but they’ll take Haden.
17) 49ers– They will take the CB that the Titans do not take, which means Wilson.
18) Steelers– Offensive Interior Lineman, either Iupati or Pouncey.  If I am them, I take Pouncey, but I believe if they have their choice they will take Iupati.
19) Falcons– Going defense with either a LBer or a CB.  Depending on who the Giants take, they will take Kindle, then Graham, then Weatherspoon.
20) Texans– They make the first big move and the best move of the draft.  They go offense and take Ryan Matthews, RB.  He’ll go great in that offense, will help Schaub and Slaton.
21) Bengals– Jermaine Gresham.
22) Patriots– They will take Graham, Kindle or if neither is available, Jerry Hughes.
23) Packers– Do 1 of 3 things: (1) Leftover Tackle, including possible Charles Brown (2) If T not available, they take either Iupati/Pouncey leftover, or (3) If they don’t have either of those OL choices, they go Cornerback, and Devin McCourtey would be a standout pick for them right there.
24) Eagles– Surprise… go safety and they go with Nate Allen.  I give them no chance of trading up for Thomas or Berry.
25) Ravens– They go LB or Safety and they take Taylor Mays.
26) Cardinals– I have no idea what the Cardinals are going to do.  They have to go LBer, so they take whoever is left of the Weatherspoon/Hughes/Graham/Kindle group.
27) Cowboys– If one of the top OTs falls, that is who they take: Charles Brown, Anthony Davis etc..  They may even take Rodger Saffold, a surprise jump into Round 1.
28) Chargers– So pissed off- they wanted Ryan Matthews, they will take Dan Williams or Terrence Cody.  Pete likes these guys, I do not, so I think it is a mistake.  I realize I am in the minority on that one.  If they pass on Devin McCourtey (assuming still there) and take someone else, they will never live it down.
29) Jets– Hoping for the big trade of draft day: their #1 + Pouha + 4th or 5th Rounder next year for Albert Haynesworth.  Assuming this does not happen, the guy I want is Everson Griffen.  The guy they might (unfortunately) take Odrick.
30) Vikings– They go Cornerback and take Kareem Jackson. 
31) Colts– Brian Price or Dan Williams (if still available).
32) Saints– Ryan Matthews not there, so they take Jason Pierre-Paul, who has slipped through the draft.  This is where he SHOULD go. 

The biggest development for the Giants will be guys like Clausen and Dez Bryant going 1-14.  There is zero chance of the Giants taking either, so it just makes their pick better.

Wonder’s Mock Draft

So far we have given you Wonder’s Top 5 at each position and his Top 31 VALUE BOARD. Wonder is a value guy. REPEAT- Wonder is a value guy. When you stray from Wonder’s VALUE BOARD (see post yesterday) he is going to let you know. When you trade down so that you stay in line with value, you get wonder-ful praise. When you reach you get trashed. (Wait till the sparks fly from Wonder on Saturday.) Without further ado, here is Wonder’s 2008 Round 1 NFL Mock Draft.

1. MIA– J. Long..safe but WRONG for value
2. STL– MUST and will take Dorsey..it’s TURF !!..Cariker MUST move outside..all of a sudden, their DL starts to control the line..their speed off the ball..and power..AWESOME !!
3. ATL– will, and should, take Ryan..if not, Gholston
4. OAK– will take C. Long
5. KC– Ryan or Gholston. MUST TOTALLY rebuild..of course, I would start by firing the coach who lost 9 straight games..but what do I know..they are NOT crazy to trade J Allen…IF they get good value for him, start over and YOUNG..and IF Ryan avail, MUST take him..let him sit for TWO years while you rebuild OL, etc…
6. NYJ– McFadden. IF Ryan avail..MUST draft and play POKER!! Would also consider keeping Ryan and MOVING either Clemens or Penn. while Ryan sat..would think if ATL went with Dorsey or Gholston, that Blanks would LOVE to get Pennington “cheap”..perhaps their first 3rd round pick and a 5th rounder..win win for both teams…Atl gets character, etc…if not, Jets MUST take McF..if ALL gone (both Longs, Gh, McF, Dorsey) then must take Gholston…best would be to take him and THEN TRADE down…maximizes value AND stops NE from taking him…I think he MAY be awesome..but could be a bust as he really needs to play a 4-3end a la J Abraham in my opinion.. move down..grab Merling, Balmer, DRC, Mendenhall/Stewart,etc..make SURE YOU GET HARDY !!! (or Sweed or Kelly)..need BIG red zone presence.
7. NE– Rivers (betting they trade DOWN to CINC/N.O)
8. BALT– Ellis. MUST TRADE UP AT ALL COSTS TO TAKE RYAN even if “overpay”…their team is getting old on D…IF “protected” and not asked to do too much in ’08, Ryan could step right in ala big ben.
9. CINC– They’re PISSED but grab either McKelvin or DRCromartie
10. NO– McKelvin or DRC (better potential)
11. BUF– Devin Thomas before the mice get at him…might be a little high..BUT the thought of Evans/Thomas surrounding Edwards and Lynch is REALLY a cinch…just a “catching” TE and they’re there…they should go for Kellen Davis
12. DEN– MUST GET OT AND DT…solution? trade for D-Rob and draft Clady…who is a GREAT pass blocker…MUST protect CUTLER!!
13. CAR-…real tough decision…but I think Stewart is best…team with Williams…great pot RB’s…
14. CHI– MUST be able to RUN and PROTECT…IF they believe they can turn him around and get him in shape, OTAH is the way to go..I know Mendenhall is attractive here…native son and all…but they need HELP on OL…
15. DET- MENDENHALL before CHI changes their minds !!! not even a close decision..
16. AZ– really tough…but I think Merling is a good fit here…may also grab “leftover” of DRC, Rivers, McKelvin
17. MINN– need DE real bad..I believe they will obtain J ALLEN from KC, so…draft choice goes to KC..assuming they DID NOT get Ryan at #5, they should have gone after ALBERT at 5 and Harvey here…
18. HOU– they’re sick all RB’s are gone…real sick..have to decide…I say go get a tough, tall Possession receiver opposite Johnson (who is double, triple teamed every week)….HARDY or SWEED, whichever they like more…alternative is to grab Mayo and really ramp up that D that got brewing..if McKelvin, DRC is left, may grab one of them..
19. PHI– MUST take WR ..take either HARDY or Sweed…however, if they move Shepard and one of CB’s is left, that’s who they’ll take…also, like Mayo here as a poss..
20. TB– wow…what are they to do ?? all depends on “before them”…I would love to take Groves here to be the new “Brooks”…if not, Balmer..
21. WASH– also depends on before them..but I like Keller here..could REALLY help Campbell a LOT.
22. DAL– Jenkins…UNLESS a WR is left…would NEVER take D Jackson here
23. PIT– they’re sick no OT they want is here..but they’re still going take Cherilus
24. TENN– DESP for WR…they’re going to reach here…but Kelly is a decent gamble if all others gone…if he gets his head on straight…big target over the middle for Young
25. SEA– really pissed Keller is gone…so they grab Cason to play opp Trufant…may overreach to grab Bennett
26. JAX– TRADE DOWN…try to grab Bryant in 2nd round to replace Stroud…or misjudge and grab williams
27. SD– TRADE DOWN- wanted Cherilus…but I think Baker would be a good RT for them
28.DAL– Felix Jones…prob a mistake..but could be a “parttime” home run hitter opp Barber
29. SF– best CB for them that’s left…
30. GB– MUST GRAB QB of their choice to groom and/or back up and/or BE their #1 if Rodgers bombs…
31. NYG– Lofton, Connor, Porter or other CB…whoever they think is best value here…would DIE if Groves still avail