Taylor Mays Changes Things

The combine is about over and what a final day! Taylor Mays came out and just blew everyone away.

He ran the fastest 40 of any D.B. He is a freakishly big strong man. He was just great. The only problem I could see was when he did the drill to test flexibility when you run he was a stiff. It matters but this guy just blew me away. They said he weighed 210 which is 20lbs less than he is lifted and I don’t know if that weight is accurate. I do know that this guy won’t last past say #20. After seeing the Senior bowl I thought he was destined for the second round but,he won’t get that far. It does two things for the Giants. It means that they have a better shot at the MLB and it means they they may have to decide on whether to take Mays if he is there. The combine affected both these guys as McClain disappointed a lot of people by not working out and he pulled out at the last minute. There was some comment about him playing in a defense that made him look better than he is but I still think he is an impact player. Next comes the personal workout days where  there is a lot to learn about a lot of guys. The combine raised as many questions as it answered. I guess that’s why they do it. Mays by the way ran a 4.36 40 and a 4.45 40. There was some confusion but either way he was the fasted DB.

The next surprise was the implosion of Joe Haden. I had mentioned previously that I don’t like Florida guys. One has to wonder why a team with supposedly 3 first round picks was just average. Haden ran a very slow 40 at 4.57 and he just looked lousy on the other drills. He WON’T go in the top 10 and now he must do a lot better at his personal day he will suffer badly. We may now get a shot at him if Reese and Coughlin like him. I think there are too many other DB’s who were very good for the Giants to take a chance on Haden.

The next big surprise was Earl Thomas from Texas. He also imploded. He ran a very slow 4.57 40 which just isn’t fast enough. He weighed in at 208 which was 10 pounds more than he played at. He did not shine in the drills either. So,once again,was it an abberation or is this guy way over rated? I honestly don’t know so,his workout day will decide. They say he is very football smart which will help him.

Patrick Robinson from Fla. State looked as advertised. He will be late first round,early second. He ran a 4.42 which is quick and he looked good. Myron Rolle disappointed. He ran a 4.69 which is way slow and will drop him to probably late second, third round. Devin McCourtney out of Rutgers was impressive. He looks good and ran a 4.34 which was second fastest. The kid from Boise State was as advertised. He will will go late first early second. I didn’t see or hear about the strong safety out of L.S.U. but Berry from Tennessee was just as advertised. He will go top 7 maybe as high as 3.

There is depth at DB so the Giants will get some help. The combine has changed things as Spikes also hurt himself by not doing drills and his mobility,even his aggressiveness is being questioned. Kindle did well but how high should he go and will he help us? Price came as advertised so,he may be there at 15. There is depth at D-Line. C.J. Spiller ran a 2.8 40 which solidifies his rep. None of the quarterbacks worked out except Tebow who didn’t throw. He was however,impressive as an athlete and his obvious athleticism. He may go late first or drop to low second. I don’t think anyone knows. He is humble and very coachable as he is working hard at improving his release. After watching him and listening to him I like the kid. We know he is a winner so he may just surprise on the next level.

I’ll be watching,reading and listening as we go forward. There is a long way to go and free agency is next. It’s a big expensive puzzle and you just don’t know what will happen. The top of the draft is pretty well set but the order isn’t. Some combination of Suh, McCoy, Okun, Berry and maybe a qb may fit in there somewhere. I guarantee that we will sit there on draft day and still not know. That’s the fun of it.