Case Closed: Coughlin must go!

Regardless of whether the Giants win or lose on Sunday, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin must be fired. In my opinion, after the Giants quit at the end of an abysmal 2009 campaign, John Mara, Giants co-owner who is in charge of football operations, should have disposed of Coughlin.   Instead, he retained Coughlin.  Needless to say,  because of […]

45 and Uncompetitive

I know that Green Bay is in the books, that we have to move on, but this blog is a cheap psychotherapist to all of us Giants crazies who live and die Big Blue.  Without this blog the past two games, I might have otherwise needed sedatives.  Honestly and seriously, at least I was not […]

Banks on being out-coached

In his weekly spot with Joe and Evan on WFAN Banks discussed the team that is stuck in Green Bay. Banks first line of attack was directed at Eli and “how bad this Quarterback has been for the cohesion and success of this team.”  He even went on to compare him to Favre of late.  Banks […]

The Players Need New Coaches

The following is an email from myself to the other 3 writers on this blog.  It was sent at 5:27PM ET on Sunday, mid-late second quarter. I am writing this now rather than suffer watching the NY Giants being made to look like children by Aaron Rodgers. I have written all year about what would happen to […]

GB 45 NYG 17

The Giants were spanked today.  The mistakes they have made all season were on full display.  Those mistakes were magnified by a competent opponent (GB) that was more than willing to accept the Giants’ charity. Eli needed to be large.  He was not. The turnovers needed to stop.  They did not. Fewell needed to use […]

Phil Simms for Week 16. Intragame NYG-Pack comments.

Phil Simms had a dip and half with Mike Francesa of WFAN.  Giants, Jets and even some Tebow. NYJ-CHI.  The Jets have had a lot to deal with, including more than enough distractions.  But Simms tells us from his playing days that it is overrated.  The lockerroom is far more insulated than that.  Briggs, Urlacher and Peppers are as good as […]

Merry Christmas, Giants Fans!

Merry Christmas, fellow football fans!  In this season of thanks, on behalf of the entire team at UltimateNYG we want to thank you for your support of this NY Giants blog.  We are genuinely appreciative of the entire community of football fans from literally all over the globe who come here to talk about the Gmen.  […]

Giants vs Packers preview

Monty, a fervent Packers blogger at, provides color on Sunday’s big game at Lambeau Field. Here is Monty’s scouting report:   This is about as simple as it gets. Both teams need the win. If the Giants win, they clinch at least a wild card berth. The Packers must beat the Giants to have […]

“Their biggest opponent right now is themselves”

The original #58 discussed twas the night(mare) before Christmas on WFAN with Evan and Roberts: In his own words and “from the perspective of a former player I am so glad this was not the last game of the year because it would be the toughest offseason you could ever imagine.”  Immediately after the game […]

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

Twas the nightmare before Christmas, when all through the MeadowlandsEvery fan was cursing, with no disband.The coaches would be hung by the fans who rant,Their hopes for St Lombardi soon faded to trance. The players bungled all snags in their head,While visions of confetti soon vanished in dread.And Fewell in his Cover 2, and Quinn stuck […]

What was said and what was done.

Let’s hit a few points from Sunday’s debacle so that we can get the proper perspective on this game. 1) THE ONSIDE KICK. Andy Reid had to change the momentum of the game.  Yes, Reid was a boner on two un-challenged plays.  Shaun O’Hara: “Professional football is a momentum game.”  Reid’s call for the onside kick was a momentum […]

Eagles 38 Giants 31

EPIC MELTDOWN.  This is the worst regular season loss in Giants history, including Pisarcik.  The Giants were going nowhere with Pisarcik, but this one was to set up a playoff berth, a division win and a bye.  We are all ill.  The Giants snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in epic fashion.  If it is one thing that cannot […]

Simms for Week 15 and Intragame Comments NYG-PHL

Phil Simms and Mike Francesa go around the league on WFAN for the big Week 15 contests.  And UltimateNYG (6-1 this year) makes a prediction. 1) NYJ.  Simms argues that despite how big the special teams “tripgate” is, the team is 9-4 and just needs a win.  Francesa argues the opposite point, that the team is headed […]

The Homestretch

How many of you sports degenerates remember racetrack announcer Dave Johnson?  He had a great voice and a signature call: “..and down the stretch they come!”  Well, Giants fans, 13 out 16 games are in the books, AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME! I did not like this horse race at the start, because I did not […]

Scouting report-Giants vs Eagles

Tom, a Philadelphia Eagles blogger at Eagles Eye, provides us with a scouting report on Sunday’s game. Here we are again, Glenn… the NFC East showdown game late in the season that involves the Eagles and Giants.  It’s almost a holiday tradition in Philly…and when the cold wind starts swirling around the Meadowlands, we know […]