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1) According to Fewell, 5 of the 7 big plays that the secondary gave up were caused by mental errors, not zone coverage.  The part we don’t understand is that Phillips, Webster, Rolle, Grant and Ross are not new to this system.

2) Gregg Rosenthal of NBC ProFootballTalk says that Gilbride is still talking about how he wanted Smith. Rosenthal believes Gilbride is distancing himself from the Stokley signing.

3) Spags defended his previous boss, Tom Coughlin.  Believe this if you will, but what is Spags going to say?

4) Prince Amukamara injury update– out of protective boot, jogging, timetable right on schedule.

5) Hakeem Nicks injury update– as long as he can tolerate the pain, he expects to play.

6) Justin Tuck injury update– “gut feeling” by Tuck is that he will play.  But read further into the linked story.  My gut feeling is that Perry Fewell is on drugs or is at best delusional. 

According to defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, the absence of Tuck and Osi Umenyiora caused issues in the Giants’ secondary, which allowed Grossman to throw for 305 yards and two touchdowns.  “We didn’t have two of our coverage guys with us,” Fewell said.

Okay, now I understand.  “I have to go now, Perry, because I’m due back on the planet Earth.” 

7) Travis Beckum injury update- According to the same Tuck injury link, Beckum was out of practice yesterday with the hamstring injury (which kept him out of last week’s game) and his status for Monday is unclear.  Hamstring injuries linger.  And they are amongst the most preventable, as long as a proper conditioning program is adhered to.  Hey, it could be worse, it could be 2009 when ~15% of the team had a hamstring injury.

8) Giants are -6 vs STL on Monday night.  The Giants play the Eagles the following week in PHL, and the same way we would not expect the Giants to win in PHL, we believe the Giants have a great opportunity to win this weekend.  This franchise cannot fall to 0-3, not with the last 9 games of the schedule looking the way it looks.

Giants news

Here is the latest Giants news:

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NFL Combine begins today.  Keep an eye on Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo.  Pete thinks he could be the Giants first round selection.