Wild Card Weekend Preview

Previews are linked for this weekend’s Wild Card Games.  Color below is provided by Wonder.

Saints(-11) at Seahawks.
When the plane lands in Seattle, the game is over.  The only possible way for Seattle to manufacture a win would be if they won the turnover battle by at least +2 and Leon Washington/specials wreak havoc.  Not happening.

Packers at Eagles (-3) 
As long as Vick does not fumble the ball or get INT’d more than once, the Eagles should win.  The Packers will have a hard time containing the Eagles’ offense.  McCoy can have a big game receiving out of the backfield.  This game will probably come down to a FG, and the Eagles win it.  That goes against what many are saying, as the Pack is loved by many and seen as a Super Bowl team.  In this particular game, the home field is enormous to both teams.  (The Pack is 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road.)  The Eagles will make enough big plays to win the game.

Jets at Colts (-3)
Jets will likely lose.  If the want to win they cannot lose the turnover battle.  The Jets have a shot, but not a large one.  Peyton in the dome.  That is all you have to know. 

(-3) at Chiefs
Baltimore carves ’em up.  Anyone who thinks KC has a chance is drunk.  KC’s specialty is running the ball, and it ain’t gonna happen.

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