Wonderama Q1 2011

Wonder goes around the league with his quick hits on all 32 teams.

NE- If they only had to play offense, they’d be 19-0.
MIA- The Sparano watch is in full swing.
NYJ- Is it too late to draft Josh Freeman instead of Mark Sanchez?
BUF- How can you come back from 21 down to beat NE, only to lose to CIN after being up by 2 TDs?

CIN- Hard to believe they have won 1 game, much less 2.
BAL- If they look like bullies when Flacco is 8-29, imagine how they will look when he plays a decent game.
PIT- Still not giving up on the Steelers.
CLE- You can blame it on Mangini, but he’s not there anymore, is he?

IND- Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Can any one player really make that much of a difference?
JAX- Hard to believe Del Rio’s swan song is being played out by a rookie QB.
HOU- Still not sold on their D.  They’ll miss Andre, but Tate and Foster can bring it.
TEN- Amazing what a competent QB can do for a team.

SD- Is Norv actually not going to F it up this year?
DEN- Elway or no Elway, these guys are pathetic.
OAK- The silver and black are a comin’.
KC- Has any club been decimated by injuries more than the Chiefs?

DAL- Will the real Tony Romo please stand up.
PHL- Yo Vince, dream this!
NYG- Beware the second half schedule.
WAS- Still think they s*ck.

MIN- Has Donovan filed his retirement papers yet?
GB- There are two leagues, the Packers and everybody else.
CHI- Jay Cutler is entitled to hazard pay.
DET- I do love the Lions, but they need to send Romo a Xmas gift.

NO- The best of the rest.
ATL- VERY disappointing.
CAR- Can Cam Newton really be this good?
TB- Is Josh Freeman the real deal?

AZ- You cannot lose a 10 point lead with 5 mins to go in the NFL.
SF- I knew Harbaugh would be a great coach, but 3-1 w/ Alex Smith as your QB is really impressive.
SEA- Pete Pete Pete- seriously, Tarvaris Jackson?
STL- Bradford should sue for non-support.