Big Blue trademark has surfaced

Several weeks ago we were asking what happened to the Giants’ trademark.  The tradition of Giant’s football is a stingy physical defense that stops the run and relies on a power running game to dictate the tempo of the game. This past Sunday the 2011 Giants brought this back.  They were physical against Turner, made […]

Pressure and contain Romo

Besides stopping the Cowboys rushing attack, the Giants must pressure and contain Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.  Romo, an elusive quarterback, is able to improvise on any given play.   When pressured, he has a knack for evading the pass rush.  When flushed out of the pocket, Romo makes plays.  Here are a few videos showing his out-of-pocket prowess against the Giants:    […]

Jacobs Quietly Running Effectively

You never thought anyone would find a way to use ‘Brandon Jacobs’ and ‘quietly’ in the same sentence. I say quietly because he is amidst a stretch of pretty good football that has been overshadowed by some of his, to put it kindly, “moments.” Most of us also never thought we’d see the day where […]

Draft Project Links and Dallas Giants Tickets

A couple of site notes: 1) I heard on ESPN during lunch today that some tickets for this Sunday night’s game went for ~$2,200.  When I checked with our ticket sponsor’s site, TiqIq, they were going for far less.  (Seats were offered for as low as $191+.  You can use that link, but remember that […]

Steve Spagnuolo rumored to be done in St. Louis

Steve Spagnuolo is rumored to be gone after the season ends this weekend. How many times have we seen it, where a new head coach comes in somewhere and doesn’t get it done?!  Who was responsible?  Was it him?  Was it management?  Can injuries be purely blamed for it?  Politics? OR, was the coach simply […]

Greg Cosell comments on the NYG-NYJ game

Greg Cosell of NFL Films analyzed the game tape of this past Saturday’s game. When the Giants had the ball. When the Jets had the ball. While I did not agree with all of the observations, there were more than a few which were consistent with our view of what took place: Giants offense lacked […]

When the Rest of the NFC East Was Pathetic

Yesterday Paul Burke linked to a Philadelphia Inquirer article which blasted the Eagles.  The article put some perspective around the Eagles (AND THE GIANTS) season: This was the worst coaching job of Reid’s tenure, by miles.  Not only did this self-promoting team underachieve spectacularly, it did so in a year when the rest of the […]

What happened to the Giants’ trademark?

The Giants won Christmas Eve. Whether you like it or not, it was a battle of mediocrity. At a meager 8-7 record, they put themselves in position to win their division.   Paraphrasing our GM Jerry Reese: Once you’re in the “tournament” anything can happen. Last season kiss my a** Tom boasted like Rex Ryan about […]

NY Giants 29 NY Jets 14

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.   And so it was when a mediocre team played against another mediocre team in a must win situation, one of the two teams must win.  The NY Giants prevailed.  But let’s be honest and objective about this contest- both teams s*cked.  Dropped balls, penalties, […]

New York, New York

Start spreading the newsOne team’s leaving todayThe NFL playoffs inNew York, New York These frustrated boosAre longing for StrayRight through the very heart of itNew York, New York I want to wake up with a teamThat doesn’t sleep(walk)And find they’re king of the hillTop of the heap My little town teamthey are melting awayThey need […]

Giants vs Jets Preview

Normally you’d expect that after a week of bashing the Giants, that we’d be looking for the Giants to lose this coming weekend.  But that is not the case.  We are not predicting a Giants win, but we do believe the Giants have the edge.  Here’s why:  1) The Giants are a better team on […]

Excuses Begone: John Mara must look at the facts

After Sunday’s dismal loss to the Washington Redskins, the Giants under head coach Tom Coughlin look headed for yet another second half collapse.  Although the Giants at a mediocre 7-7 still control their own destiny with two games remaining,  Giants co-owner John Mara cannot be happy with the lackluster play of his team.  With the […]

Time for Giants Defense to Man Up

Enough is enough. It’s an issue that’s been highlighted on this Giants blog again. And again. And again. And again. And again.  The Giants Tampa 2 defense seems to get a bit more porous with each passing week. For whatever reason, this team’s personnel is not built for zone coverage. Whether it be through constantly biting on […]

Giant Inconsistencies

Yesterday we made the claim that the NY Giants were the most inconsistent team in the NFL, a hallmark of underachievement.  Inconsistency means showing up with intensity and focus vs teams like the Packers, Niners and Patriots, while somehow not showing up vs the Cardinals, Seahawks, Dolphins, Eagles … and once again against the Redskins when […]

WAS 23 NYG 10

Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Horrible.  Ugly.  Disgraceful. Are these words familiar?  It is December in the Meadowlands, so it must be Tom Coughlin pulling another boner.  In 2008 it was the Eagles loss where Gilbride was taken to school.  Never mind that 5 weeks later the braindead OC could not make any adjustments and lost again to […]