Snee Pancake on McCoy 1

Week 2 Jump to Conclusions Mat-OL, TE, LB Edition

This week we will be including the full play-by-play grade sheet to supplement the leap towards conclusions. They can be found here along with last week’s grade sheet. This will not only supplement the analysis but it will allow readers to follow along whether it be on DVR or Game Rewind.  


Offensive Line

-Week 2 grade sheet

-Week 2 play-by-play notes 

Also included on the grade sheet are notes on certain plays, listed by their “play number” as listed. Play numbers that include a note are highlighted in red on the grade sheet.

-Week 2 by the numbers

…anytime your quarterback drops back 51 times and gets off 51 passes the offensive line deserves to be commended. As Snee was quoted as saying this is something to be proud of. They were solid in three-step pass pro, getting enough push to allow the ball to get out clean. Although several passes were deflected at the line the group deserves plenty of credit for Eli's big statistical day.

…a combination of a few things led to a resurgent rushing attack starting with the emergence of Andre Brown (13 carries, 71 yards, TD)  as a potential impact player. Brown may not be as shifty, or as reliant on being shifty, as Bradshaw and Wilson. This seemed to benefit Brown, who was content with hitting the hole hard and looking for any kind of yardage upfield. Combine that with a strong effort across the board for the o-line (collective grade of +3 in the run game) and the Giants were able to find success. We also saw the return of the draw play out of the shotgun. If the passing attack is going to be as great as it was in the second half sunday then the draw will be an invaluable resource when used properly. 

…Will Beatty did a solid job in both pass protection and in the run game. He did a great job of stepping in when called on. For the game, Beatty graded out at 2 on all plays.  That includes a -1 on the dropped TD. He was most effective in the run game, grading out at overall on those plays. In the past this was a concern for Beatty but he showed the athletic ability to get to the second level and square up a linebacker. 

…although Sean Locklear graded out at -1 overall he was very effective at times, especially when the Giants ran the draw play against Tampa. Locklear did a great job of selling the pass by getting into his pass set and drawing the rusher up the field. Great job by the veteran on these crucial plays for the Giants.

…even before he went down with the knee injury, Dave Diehl struggled big time for the Giants. Don't take this as "Diehl was the reason for the o-line struggles" but he certainly did not do well when he played on Sunday. Diehl turned in an overall grade of -3 on just 16 snaps. The RT recorded a -3 in the run game as well. There is no denying that the unit was better in the run game sans Diehl.  

…Chris Snee reminded the Bucs and us why he is a perennial all-pro on Sunday as he recorded an overall grade of 8 Snee was awesome in the run game and got solid push all afternoon. He recorded a overall on all run plays. He was also the recipient of the only 2 grade of the game for the guys up front. Snee picked up the big grade in the second quarter when he pancaked Gerald McCoy. Just one of many great plays for Snee in what was a great game. Need Snee to set the tone like that for the group week in and week out. All three of the RG's negative plays came in the first quarter, cruising for the game's final three periods. 


Tight End

-Steve Gesuele

-Week 2 grade sheet 

Bennett showed flashes of greatness in the passing game but as advertised, was maddening at times. Bennett's TD catch was a display of pure athleticism that showcased tremendous concentration and catching ability. However, Bennett had two drop both coming in the end zone. Bennett (either by choice or because of the defense) went for the one handed grab on both plays. If Bennett can find a way to be more consistent the Giants could have a big, athletic target at the TE position.

…Pascoe played an above average game as a run blocker on the few plays he got an opportunity to get on the field. Bennett more or less graded out at a 0 in run blocking which is a good thing for the Giants. 

…the Giants sent one of their two tight ends in motion a total of nine times throughout the game, with Bennett motioning eight of them. The motion consistently goes to the strong side of the play and is done to add an extra blocker in run protection. 



-Steve Hardin

-Week 2 grade sheet

…the Giants' linebackers did a great job against the run all game but it's worrisome that it may be at the expense of their ability to get to the correct pass drops vs. play action. Blackburn and Kiwi each got caught a few times. It did not cost them in this game, but definitely opened up some passing windows Freeman just didn’t hit.

…in general the LBs need to be more aware of receivers in their zones rather than just getting to their drop points and trying to read the QBs eyes. Again, this did not cost them against Freeman, but better quarterbacks will surely take advantage of this tendency.

…I commented last week that Williams looked tentative against the run in our nickel package and although he displayed his athleticism in man coverage, he looked somewhat lost in zone and was not conscious of receivers passing in and out of his area. We saw a lot more 5 DB sets with Blackburn and Boley on the field. Wiliams was not on the field for many running downs this week but did seem to play a more aggressively when given the opportunity and made two good hustle plays.

Martin rushed for 66 yards on 20 carries and although the Giants gave up some big plays the LBs cannot be blamed for either of Freeman’s 41 yard completions that helped him to his 243 yards passing. Good job all around.