Wonder after Week 7

NE- Still a force to be reckoned with. Still have Supe Dreams.
MIA- I will give credit where credit is due. Exceeded expectations. Tannehill can be a QB for the future.
NYJ- Blow'em up and start all over.  Neither QB is the answer.
BUF- Whoever gave Ryan Fitzpatrick $60M should have their head examined.

CIN- Marvin Lewis is 1-10 at home vs Pitt, need I say more?!
BAL- O how the mighty have fallen. Ravens defense no longer to be feared.
PIT- Until proven otherwise, I will not give up on Big Ben.
CLE- Xmas for Browns fans- Holmgren is leaving!

IND- What a bright future with Mr. Luck.
JAX- Should request entry into the Arena League.
HOU- The best of the AFC, but that ain't sayin a lot.
TEN- The epitome of mediocrity

SD- Was Phillip Rivers really one of the best QBs in football?
DEN- Not as good as they look sometimes, not as bad as they look sometimes.
OAK- Would anybody give up a 3rd round pick for noodle-armed Carson Palmer now?
KC- Are they still in the NFL?

DAL- Watching Dallas at the end of a game is like playing roulette.
PHL- Andy Reid is not taking care of Michael Vick.
NYG- If the Giants decide that they want to play like they did vs the 49ers, nobody will beat them.
WAS- REPEAT: Look out world, here comes RGIII and the Skins for the next 15 years.

MIN- Hard to believe that the Vikings are 5-2 with Christian Ponder, but he's playing ok.
GB- Lookout world, here comes Discount Double Check.
CHI- I almost feel bad for Chicago, competing w Aaron Rodgers for the next 10 yrs.
DET- Unfortunately Schwartz has lost control of the team.

NO- Brees just sued the NFL for non-support.
ATL- Can they win in January?
CAR- Ron Rivera is ruining Cam Newton.
TB- Despite what Schiano did to the Giants, I do like him long term.

AZ- Water seeks its own level. And so go the AZ Cardinals.
SF- Alex Smith is once again Alex Smith.
SEA- Love where they are headed, wish they had given Matt Flynn a chance.
STL- Fisher will last.  Can Bradford take the pounding?