Wonder shares his first impressions of 2012

Wonder goes around the league with his first impressions on all 32 teams.

NE- Still not sold on 2 things: OL and overall Defense, particularly pass defense.
MIA- By Thanksgiving, we’ll be wondering who they take w 1 of the top picks in the draft.
NYJ- Don’t get sucked in. They still can’t run the ball and rush the passer.
BUF- Has everyone forgotten how bad of a coach Chan Gailey was at Dallas?!

CIN- I still believe CIN is a good FB team. Don’t be fooled by bad road loss to BAL.
BAL- If Suggs can make an amazing recovery by end of season, BAL goes to SB XLVII.
PIT- Losing DeCastro may devastate this team. They have real issues on their OL.
CLE- Maybe they can draft another QB #1 overall next year. Holmgren has to go.

IND- Better than people think. They have a reasonable 3 year plan.
JAX- I do not know who is worse: the owner, the GM, the coach, the QB or the team.
HOU- The Texans were given an EZ Pass for the AFC South.
TEN-  What has happened to their OL and Chris Johnson?!

SD- One of my sleeper teams. If Matthews can come back and be productive, they can compete w Denver.
DEN- Peyton starts the season with 10 wins. Anything more is a bonus.
OAK- Maybe if OAK decided to keep a coach for more than a season or two, they MIGHT develop continuity and a successful program.
KC- A ton of talent on both sides of the ball. But Romeo Crennel still sucks.

DAL- If their OL holds up, and they get any kind of pass rush opposite DeMarcus Ware, look out.
PHL- The loss of Jason Peters is the biggest loss of a non-skilled position player in the entire NFL.
NYG- When will the Giants ever put together back to back Super Bowls?
WAS- Look out world, here comes RGIII and the Skins for the next 15 years.

MIN- It’s amazing how bad this team is compared to the other 3 teams in its division.
GB- Before anyone starts patting McCarthy on the back too much, just remember how flat they were vs NYG in the playoffs and SF in Week 1.
CHI- I still don’t like their OL and I still think their Defense is overrated vs good QBs.
DET- Will Mikel Leshoure be the answer at RB? If so, look out.

NO- Bountygate & loss of Payton is significant. How they handle it is an unknown.
ATL- They have talent, but can they get it done in the playoffs? Julio Jones is a beast.
CAR-  What happened last week to the running game?!
TB- I love what they are doing.  I just feel bad that they lost Davin Joseph for the year.

AZ- That’s 1 more win than I thought they’d get! Reasonable team, but OL is horrible.
SF- By far the best all-around team in football at Week 1. Not even close.
SEA- Let’s not forget how terrible a coach Pete Carroll was with the Jets and the Patriots, because he sure showed it in Week 1 at AZ.
STL- Fisher has them going in the right direction, & they will surprise a few people by winning 5 or 6 this year.