American Football themed casino slot games

The return of the NFL football season means that there is plenty of football – and NFL betting – action available again, for those who love putting bets on the games as much as watching them. However this does not mean that these fans will be skipping playing the NFL themed online casino slot games. Ultimately, the best of these games still offer a way of mixing NFL and gambling that you cannot get elsewhere – something exemplified by the $5 Million Touchdown slot.

This game takes its name from the size of its top jackpot, and the chance of potentially scooping $5 million by playing it would be enough to entice even those who can’t stand NFL! However it is a slot with much more to offer than just that, as the other half of the name comes from the bonus game – a really exciting one where the high grade video graphics throw you right into the heat of an NFL match. The aim is to pass a football from one player to another, in a bid to score a touchdown – with prize bonuses available if you manage to do so. Overall $5 Million Touchdown is perhaps the most popular of the American football themed casino games, but it is certainly not the only one around.

Another very popular title is Pigskin Payout, and the curious name for this slot comes from the stuff used to make footballs, you can click to  Download here.  Like $5 Million Touchdown, this is a five reel slot, and again you will see plenty of NFL themed images on the reels – including familiar sights like referees, players and cheerleaders – while behind them is a stadium full of cheering fans. This game is also very good when it comes to your payout chances, as the Jackpot Can’t Lose bonus game offers the chance to win a payout three times your original bet. Then there are the double payouts triggered by scoring two of the cheerleader wild icons during normal game play, and the 5000-coin payout you get if you score five of these wilds on a single pay line. These are two of the best NFL themed casino games, and either will be worth a spin for any fan of the sport.