10 Years of Coziness with Kevin Gilbride

Erin Brockovich: "I just went out there and performed sexual favors. Six hundred and thirty-four b*** j**s in five days… I'm really quite tired."

Vacchiano (NY Daily News): "The Giants' failures this season were more personnel than coaching.  And quite frankly, this whole idea that Gilbride should go feels like an unseemly knee-jerk reaction that is unbecoming of the Giants.  Mara preaches patience and stability.  He shouldn't need a scapegoat just because fans are mad."

Serby (NY Post): "..when your owner declares that offense “broken,” it is convenient to target your offensive coordinator and make him the scapegoat"

… a seemingly endless procession of media apologists and supporters of Gilbride.

Oh, the humanity!  We are such heartless and ungrateful fans.

But where are these beat writers in answering any of the 14 criticisms outlined by us BEFORE this decision/forced retirement was announced?   

Is it just coincidence that 2 of those criticisms were noted by Mara when he called the offense "broken"?

Where were these reporters to criticize Gilbride's oodles of boneheaded mistakes that cost the Giants many games, and even arguably a title in 2008? 

We were not born yesterday.  We know that Gilbride had a tougher hand to play in 2013.  But this is completely consistent with the argument we have offered for many years.. that Gilbride underplays his hand when he is dealt the nuts.  Yes, DiTrani, you are 100% correct. Your sarcasm is much closer to the truth than even you know- Gilbride indeed could get it done when he had ALL the equipment.  

And speaking of geniuses, note how Steve Politi has the temerity to put Kevin Gilbride in the same sentence as Bill Walsh.  Walsh was the textbook roster adapter (Criticism (2) and (11)) when, as Offensive Coordinator of the Bengals, he redid the playbook to fit to his limited QB Virgil Carter.  All of the scribes quoted above imply that Gilbride was bound to suffer with a bad OL, so why is this his fault?  The answer is to ADAPT.  When we look at the stats for when Manning was under pressure, we see that Manning threw for the second highest # of INTs (10) in the NFL under those conditions.  Want to turn the ball over less? Throw under less pressure.  Want to help your poor OL? Throw more small passes.  So why, we ask the scribes, was Eli Manning 8th in the NFL in deep passing attempts this year? Maybe it is because Kevin Gilbride does not adapt.  Maybe this is what that heartless owner John Mara was talking about when he said his offense was broken.

It's not until the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked.  Please, mainstream media, save us the heartless scapegoat talk, stick to the news, and good luck working on your access to the next Offensive Coordinator.