Playing With A Lead

The Giants, for better and for worse, have been in tight games in all 3 contests here in 2016. They beat Dallas 20-19.  They beat New Orleans 16-13. They lost to Washington 29-27.  So 3 games were decided by a grand total of 6 points. Obviously every possession counts. Regulars to this NY Giants blog […]

WAS 29 NYG 27

I will not tolerate underachievement as a fan. I will not support it. Both teams left a ton of points on the field today. This was one of those games where the better coach(ed team) wins no matter which team he has.  Sickening. Ugly. Vomit. This loss was a total disgrace on so many levels. […]

What Is Your Identity?

What is the NY Giants identity? Follow Reese’s draft picks and let those actions speak for themselves. Using a simple scoring system where a: Round 1 draft pick is worth 4 points Round 2 draft pick is worth 2 points Round 3 draft pick is worth 1 point We yield from Reese the following points accumulated […]

Eli Manning: NFL Hall of Fame QB

Eli Manning is going to the Hall of Fame. This post is for all the bashers, all the non-believers, all the doubters and yes, all the haters. This is also a post for loyal NY Giants fans who need to celebrate the career of a Giants legend while he is still suiting up. One of […]

NYG 16 NO 13

Yup, a win is a win. But I am still so pissed. Thrilled the Giants are 2-0, but they played with fire.  The great news is that the Defense earned their stripes. The bad news is I saw some bs from McAdoo’s playcalling that has me upset. Of course it was not McAdoo’s fault that […]

Preview With Saints Nation Blog

We did a Q&A exchange with Saints Nation Blog.  Here is the link of our answers to their questions. Here are our questions about the Saints, answered by Andrew Juge. 1. Cooks and Snead look great in the offense. Can the Saints get Fleener involved? Yeah, I think they will. It all depends on matchups with […]

NYG 20 DAL 19

What a difference a year makes!!! Whew. Can we exhale? The Giants held on. The Defense held on. Barely. But there is no question that the Defensive Line, which absolutely killed the team (on that last drive) a year ago, was vastly different this time. The playcalling drove me bananas for how close it was at […]

NY Giants 2016 Preview

Where do the Giants go in 2016? What is their record this season?  The bookmakers say the Giants will win 8.25 games.  The Giants line is 8.0 but going Over requires laying odds, so the true spread is about 8.25 for handicapping purposes. We are a little more optimistic and look for 9 to 10 […]

Epidemic of Contempt

This just in from Paul Schwartz of the NY Post: “The (NY Giants) were the most-injured team in the league three years running, according to an Adjusted Games Lost database compiled by The Giants’ three-year totals of 141.3 games, 137.1 and 138.1 last season are the three highest totals for any team since 2000. […]

NYG 17 NE 9

Another 2016 preseason game, another repeat of the Giants strengths and weaknesses headed into the regular season.  Eli Manning, OBJ, Richburg, and the starting DL sat out the contest.  The rest of the OL looked the same.  Vomit.  We gave Ereck Flowers a year of grace in 2015. And to be fair to the Round […]

Wonder Speaks NY Giants & NFC East

Wonder commented on the NY Giants and the NFC East. NY Giants I am still concerned about their defense. I will have to see JPP in the heat of battle.. can he tackle the QB/RB to believe he (his hand) is back.  I have reservations about the secondary. It is going to be hard to […]

NYG 21 NYJ 20

Don’t let the score fool you.  The Giants (first team) Offense has big problems, the same ones we saw last week vs the Bills. I could practically re-air the blog post from last week’s loss to the Bills and it would suffice… The Giants OL + TE blocking is terrible. The Giants DL is solid, Giants […]

Josh Brown

Kicker Josh Brown was re-signed by the Giants in April 2016 despite being arrested (charges dropped) for domestic abuse.  That the charges were dropped is not at all relevant to whether he was guilty; we all know that getting a spouse to follow through with charges is difficult. There were no less than 20 calls […]

BUF 21 NYG 0

You do not need to be a rocket scientist, a football savant, or a NY Giants blogger for 10 years to know that getting shut out is not a good thing.  The Buffalo Bills defense is not the ’85 Bears.  But the NY Giants offense sure made them look like it.  The Giants could not […]

MIA 27 NYG 10

I taped the game but read about it. GREAT STUFF: 1st team starters Shepard Odighizuwa Goodson defensive pass rush BAD STUFF: Backup OL 2nd & 3rd String 6 lost balls (2 turned over/2 INTs/4 Turnovers total, Nassib 3 total) Hamstrings and groins- STRETCH. So the score doesn’t tell the story of a preseason game.. what […]