2015 Free Agency Thoughts, Pt 2

The top 7 players on the Giants roster take up almost exactly half of the $141.8M cap.  Most teams have a similar structure.  The QB takes up a considerable amount of cap, plus a good pass rusher, a good defensive player, a WR and OLman all grab at that 50%.  This leaves 46 other players to share the other […]

NY Giants Free Agent Moves in 2015

Before we get started with Free Agency (next paragraph), let’s get one thing clear- the Giants in 2015 have a much more reasonable chance of being competitive than they did in 2014.  We have a lot more optimism, if not for one reason: Odell Beckham.  Yes, he changes the entire equation.  The Giants have a Superstar at […]

New York Giants schedule preview

Even though the New York Giants have missed the playoffs five of the past six seasons, optimism for Eli Manning and the offense are high due to a certain wide receiver they drafted 12th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. Odell Beckham Jr. exploded onto the national scene for all the right reasons in 2014. […]

NE 28 SEA 24

Super Bowl XLIX was a great game.  Entertaining.  Each team played well enough in spurts to win it.  And it was fitting that both teams had their opportunities to close the deal.  Seattle made the wrong playcall (understatement of NFL history?!) and NE took the game. Seattle was the recipient of another NE “cursed” moment […]

Super Bowl XLIX Thoughts

I know the Seahawks team much better than most in the NFL, excepting of course the NFC East.  With that said, I have seen this team at its worst and at its best.  They are playing well right now, peaking at the right time.  Seattle is good enough to win. I lean toward them to win, but […]

Why DeflateGate Matters

The significance of the disclosure that the Patriots’ 12 footballs were underinflated is very important to the NFL.  Numerous attempts have been made this past week to belittle or cloud the issue about DeflateGate.  Even the name gets mocked.  But there is nothing trivial about these charges. Let’s get some math out of the way. (This paragraph […]

Belichick- Past and Present

Everyone knows about SpyGate.  Eric Mangini left New England and out’d his former boss, putting the NFL onto the Patriots’ serial videotaping of opposing teams signals so that they could decipher their plays.  The NFL found them guilty, fined Belichick 6 figures and the Patriots lost a Round 1 draft pick. Famously, the league also […]

SEA 28 GB 22

You’ll tell your grandchildren about this one.  At least you are lucky to be a Giants fan and not a GB fan.  GB fans will have a nightmare hangover that will not end until they get back to and win another Super Bowl.  We know this feeling all too well, as our nightmare demons from […]

Steve Spagnuolo hired as new DC

Yes, you can go home again. The single best coordinator in Tom Coughlin’s 11 year reign as head coach of the NY Giants has been Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.  “Spags” captained the defensive ship in 2007 and 2008 with great success.  He returns in 2015 to the NY Giants. We love the move.  Why?  Not […]

Giants Roster: 2014 Review & 2015 Projections

The following is a Guest Post, written by Lou Musto.  Lou is a grounded and objective commenter on the NY Giants and all things NFL.  He shares his thoughts on the Giants 2014 season and where the team is headed next season: The 2014 NFL season could be categorized only as a disappointment for the […]

Perry Fewell Is Out

Perry Fewell has been let go as the Defensive Coordinator of the NY Giants. The emperor has no clothes and the Giants (Mara/Reese/Coughlin) saw no clothes.  Every commenter uniformly agreed that it was time for the Giants to move on from Fewell.  We were resigned to a reality this past week where Fewell would stay […]

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

PFF 2014 Recap of the GMen

With a full season of 2014 data from Pro Football Focus (PFF), it is easier to “see the field.” While we do not necessarily agree with all of the stats on individual players collected by PFF, overall they are correct far more often than not and provide an objective measure of comparison.  PFF will be the first […]

Jerry Reese Puts on Another Great Show

Jerry Reese spoke with the media this morning. Good Morning. Yes, it is good because Mara would’ve canned me if Jacksonville was the last game of the season. Six and 10, obviously we are all disappointed. But thankfully Mara is not disappointed enough because he makes too much money from addicted fans who keep paying […]

Tom Coughlin after 2014

Tom Coughlin has been kept on for at least another year. We can leave it there, play it safe, and accept the decision. As fans, we have little choice. Today, the Giants will talk about staying the course. But let’s get some perspective here- the Giants stunk it up yet again. Did ANY of that smell come […]