Josh Brown

Kicker Josh Brown was re-signed by the Giants in April 2016 despite being arrested (charges dropped) for domestic abuse.  That the charges were dropped is not at all relevant to whether he was guilty; we all know that getting a spouse to follow through with charges is difficult. There were no less than 20 calls […]

BUF 21 NYG 0

You do not need to be a rocket scientist, a football savant, or a NY Giants blogger for 10 years to know that getting shut out is not a good thing.  The Buffalo Bills defense is not the ’85 Bears.  But the NY Giants offense sure made them look like it.  The Giants could not […]

MIA 27 NYG 10

I taped the game but read about it. GREAT STUFF: 1st team starters Shepard Odighizuwa Goodson defensive pass rush BAD STUFF: Backup OL 2nd & 3rd String 6 lost balls (2 turned over/2 INTs/4 Turnovers total, Nassib 3 total) Hamstrings and groins- STRETCH. So the score doesn’t tell the story of a preseason game.. what […]

Meet the “New” New York Giants

Sometimes it is nice to get a piece of journalism that is willing to contrast the way things were and the way they currently are.  Mike Tanier does a pretty good job of spelling it out bluntly. Oh, the politics of those beat writers who somehow are unable to do this, smh.  Yes, the beat […]

2016 Camp Comments + Eli

We haven’t played a single game of preseason, let alone the regular season. So the media coverage is its typical insanity, with too much time on their hands, too much newsprint to use, too much paper to print it on, and just too many “hits” to miss on the internet.  The melodrama is laughable.  Anointing […]

WFAN Reese Interview

Jerry Reese gave his typical Public Relations tour, stopping by with WFAN when Boomer & Carton visited Training Camp. In early August, everything is perfect. The veterans are great, the newcomers are great, the coaches are great… for all 32 teams.  But what caught our ear was this (go to minute 1:28:00): Jerry Reese: “We revamped the […]

Camp Has Started.. Commence Puff Pieces

Nothing like the start of camp to convince the fans of 32 teams how their entry in the NFL Sweepstakes will win the Super Bowl this year. Here we are 3 days into camp and I’ve already been suckered into picturing greatness. Saints, always setting me up for ultimate pain — Saints Nation Blog (@SaintsNationBlg)

2016 Preseason Is Finally Here

The drought is over. As much as I enjoy it, there is only so much poker I can watch in June and early July at the WSOP to get through to football training camp.  (Spoiler, here are the Main Event’s November Nine.) The NY Giants embark on the 2016 season with two glaring weaknesses as I […]

NBA and NFL Contract Insanity

NBA Free Agency got started this week and eye-popping salaries were delivered to 2nd tier players. We are talking $16M PER YEAR numbers for guys who score an average of 7 pts per game.  For multiple years.  And these contracts, unlike the NFL, are mostly guaranteed (sometimes the 4th year may not be guaranteed). We got […]

Choosing Wrong

Trust me, when they get to Wilt Chamberlain (around minute 9), it gets good.  UltimateNYG good.  Moneyball good. THIS AMERICAN LIFE PODCAST And then they get to Thaler.  We blogged about Thaler 6 years ago.  We read his paper and linked to it prominently back in the day.  We even have a rule about how […]

NFL Draft: WR vs OT

Wide Receiver or Offensive Tackle? Which one is the better pick in Round 1 & Round 2? We analyzed the NFL Drafts from 2006-2012 in the first 2 rounds to see how those WRs and Ts did.  Some people do not like it when I refer to WRs and RBs as “toys,” so I felt that […]

NYG Glass Half Full?

It is way too early to get into predictions about how the 2016 season will unfold.  Last year at this time, we penned an article that got bullish on 2015, qualified it with how we would obviously need to see what training camp/preseason looked like, but 3 days later disaster struck.  Will Beatty tore his […]

2016 NFL Draft: Day 3

The Giants did not get value in Round 1 through Round 3.  But that changed in a big way on Day 3. Wonder, the UltimateNYG draft analyst, was very positive on Round 4 pick BJ Goodson and he was even more effusive on the 5th rounder RB Paul Perkins.  Lastly, Round 6 Tight End Jerell Adams […]

2016 NFL Draft- Round 2 & 3

The Giants drafted WR Sterling Shepard and S Darian Thompson. Shepard was ranked 49th by us out of our top 50, so he’s a good solid player. He’s got good hands. He’ll be able to help the team because he’s a good WR. But just like with Eli Apple, another good player, the Giants missed […]

NYG select Eli Apple

Last year, the Giants were hot for T Brandon Scherff.  That was telegraphed and leaked. More on the leaks later. We did not like the prospect, certainly not at 9th overall, because we did not project Scherff as a Tackle, and believed he was going to be a Guard.  You do not take a Guard […]