Random comments

1) Eric Mangini worked for Bill Belichick in Cleveland.. get it?!!2) I shut off the tv when the Giants took over on downs at the Skins 22 with less than 2 mins remaining. This from Harold: After getting a first down at the Skins 5 with ~1:40 remaining, they actually RAN A PISARCIK! The snap […]

Tiki 34 Washington 28

Another microcosm of the season. Giants get great Tiki; soft defense unable to hold it down if not for a rookie QB making enuf mistakes to let the Giants off the hook. And how about our hero Coughlin not going for the 2 with 6 minutes left AGAIN! Deja vu! Where have we seen this […]

Coughlin not out until we lose tonight

The Giants need to move on (and lose to Washington to get that process moving along). A new GM and a new head coach are needed at the very least to give Manning a new set of coaches to put him (at the very least) on track to help this franchise win games. Shockey is […]

Hufnagel shown the door

Gary Myers of the Daily News writes a great piece today. He saves the best for last: “Coughlin made one desperate attempt to save the Giants’ season and save his job. Just like his offense, the timing is off.” I sometimes wonder why it took the Saints game to realize what we have been talking […]

Bashir Levingston

WTF is Bashir Levingston? Jim Fassel knows. In November of 2000, the 7-2 Giants lost two games in a row and Fassel was doing his typical underachievement, unable to handle prosperity. His contract was coming due, and he knew his days were numbered if this team with a softer schedule in a soft conference failed […]

Wellington Mara

From the Daily news LAST WEDNESDAY: “You definitely, definitely – and I told our team this – you need to put together an outstanding performance for our fans here at home,” Coughlin said.And to be fair, this hasn’t been 2003 when the end of the Jim Fassel era played out in front of half-empty stadiums, […]


Coughlin was said to be keeping his job unless the Giants imploded. The Giants imploded. The only game we have won in this entire stretch was to the Carolina Panthers, who were decimated by injuries. And we knew back then that that win was not to be trusted as any kind of meaningful uptick. We […]

Coincidence? Or more?

Did you notice that the only two Giants who were voted to the Pro Bowl were also the (only) two Giants who have said previously that their team was outcoached? Barber and Shockey are outspoken on the quietest of days, so one can quickly dismiss it as coincidence. But they are outspoken because of their […]

Pro Bowl (or, when does 2-3= -1?)

So we have 2 Pro Bowlers, Barber and Shockey. Kind of frightening how Shockey makes it when they do not even throw to the guy in the first half of every game. And yet he still has the most receptions of any TE in the NFC. Add that Manning does not help Shockey help the […]

Anger and disgust

The NFL should make a rule that you need to have a 9-7 record to qualify for the playoffs. Why reward mediocrity? Money? Yep, I’ll admit I’d be one of those suckers either watching or paying to see my 8-8 team in the playoffs, because I am just too damn loyal. (Loyal sounds a lot […]

Phil 36 NYG 22

Accorsi the poet talked about the metaphor of the St. Louis Cardinals World Series win this year for the hope of us somehow getting into the playoffs and being as potent as any other team. That was easier to buy after a win over the pathetically decimated Panthers last week (did you notice how they […]

Garcia and Romo

What do Garcia and Romo have in common? I’ll give you a hint- how did we lose to the Cowboys in the final drive? From espn last night: “It’s clear now that Romo struggles when forced to sit in the pocket and deliver. That was the strategy of the Saints last week and it was […]


“Sources close to two Giants players told Pro Football Weekly that the players don’t necessarily hate their coach, but they have grown tired of his rah-rah style in the locker room and feel he has been outcoached more often than not lately. Has he lost the players? The consensus is probably not, but another poor […]

Manning- Exhibit A

Exhibit A on Manning’s inaccuracy: Giants YAC LeadersBarber 427, Shockey 177, Jacobs 158, Burress 152, Toomer 55 Barber and Jacobs should not even be on the list, because RBs are ALL yards after catch on dump offs. To see our two WRs and TE with ~380 yards is pathetic. Rice and Taylor could rack up […]

Feagles stories

For those of you who missed it this past weekend, Feagles put on a clinic in how to send a punt out of bounds on the sideline, and also how to get balls downed inside the 20. I remember being overjoyed how the Giants lured him out of retirement for one more year. Pro Bowler […]