Phil Simms speaks

Phil Simms on Sunday morning WFAN segment had plenty to say about the Giants et al: 1) The better teams have multiple ways to win. A team like the Pats has ~7 (this is not science, just a random #) ways to beat you. If they have 7, the Colts have 5. And by implication, […]

the madness of coaches

I just saw three plays at the end of the half of the Skins-Boys game that were collectively like fingernails across a blackboard. 1) With ~ 9 secs left in H1, skins have ball at Boys 3 with no timeouts. What do you do? You throw one pass into the end zone and kick the […]

NE 38 NYG 35

You have to play 4 quarters to beat the best teams in the NFL. The Giants played great for the first three quarters, lost that urgency in the 4th and the end result reflects that. Manning and the entire team came ready to play, and a lot of good things came from this game. On […]

NYG 21 NE 16 at halftime

Oh my goodness… the Giants have played a complete half on all sides of the ball. Let us see if they can play a complete game on all sides of the ball for the first time this YEAR! THE GIANTS HAVE COME TO PLAY. The only thing that has gone really wrong so far is […]

Pats game tonight

It has been pointed out that for the past four weeks the weather conditions in NYG games have been less than stellar. Fair enough. So let’s give Eli a little rope and see if he can hang himself when the winds are a little more manageable this evening and the weather is much more benign […]

Harry Carson speaks about Pats game this Saturday

Carson: “I don’t think the Giants are in a position to be resting people. They’re still trying to get better. These guys still need to go out and play a complete game and eliminate mistakes as they go into the playoffs. They really need to hone their skills even better. Just making the playoffs shouldn’t […]

NFLN Blinks

The NFL (NFLNetwork) blinks by taking the Patriots-Giants national and simulcasting on CBS and NBC. Do we still have to listen to Gumbel? He is so awful, I am giving serious thought to putting on Bob Popa on WFAN and shutting off the sound on the tv. But back to the NFLN, I guess making […]

The Giants- in full enigma

Finally got a chance to watch a tape of the Bills win. Nothing has changed. 1) So the Giants give up another TD in their opponent’s first possession. Not a good place to start. This has happened in 5 of the last seven games (Dallas game after the bye, Vikings, Bears game, Eagles, and now […]


Was unable to view the game here in Philadelphia…. So we hear that Bradshaw (before the 88 yd run) told his linemen in the huddle that if they made their blocks he would score a TD. Isn’t it ironic how Eli Manning applauds Bradshaw, saying that that is the kind of confidence you want in […]

From Buffalo to Troy

1) The Giants need to win this weekend or they are out. Why? Because two of the three (Vikes, Skins and Saints) teams rate to be there at 9-7 by the end of the season and THE GIANTS LOSE MOST IF NOT ALL TIEBREAKERS. And of course we know the Giants are not beating the […]


Paul Schwartz put together a masterful summary of the Giants Enigma. In fact, he cuts through the confusion and calls it exactly how it is. Inside the piece he delivers another gem of a stat that I salivated over when I heard it- “When they actually catch the ball, Giants receivers usually go straight down, […]

Wash 22 NYG 10

Don’t worry, Shockey is fine. It is the Giants that are ill. Stop the excuses, we are a very ordinary team. Beating Buffalo next weekend is not a lock by any stretch. And the Pats will not be laying down for anyone even if they have homefield sewn up. So the Giants are now potentially […]

Special Teams Video

The Top 5 NY Giants Special Teams Fakes What jumps out at you? That ALL 5 were in the Parcells regime. And what was such a mind blower was #1, a play I totally forgot about. But the point here is that Fassel and Coughlin have not tried a single INTENTIONAL fake in the past […]

Some perspective on 9-4

You are your record. 9-4 certainly makes this a respectable year, and you have to give Coughlin a lot of credit. His players are playing for him and he has their respect. In many years 9-4 would lead to a division win or a bye. Not this year. 1) The Giants have not beaten any […]

NYG 16 PHI 13

The Giants defense played a very good game and played courageously in limiting Westbrook. But this game should not have come down to Akers missing from 56 yds at the end of regulation, deflected off the right post. Once again the Giants escape with wins against weaker teams because the opposition does not capitalize on […]