The Jets head coaching vacancy

Yes, this is a New York Giants Blog, but it is not every day that your co-tenant is out there looking for a new coach. And it is certainly not every day that Spags gets this much attention nationally. There has been a great deal of news on Brett Favre, not the least of which […]

Wonder on the NFL- Wild Card Round through to the Super Bowl

Wonder is convalescing, still in withdrawal from his Jets’ implosion. He’ll be back to posting eventually, but in the meantime I spoke to him last night and he was full of nuggets and his typical wisdom. WILD CARD ROUND 1) MINN-PHL. Thinks Minnesota is ‘live,’ likes Minn +3 with Pat Williams playing, and thinks they […]

The Road to the Super Bowl

You need not be a rocket scientist to already understand that we will likely be facing the Eagles. Having just seen Minnesota up close and personal, barely losing to them in the home advantage stadium without ~half of our roster, we were not impressed. Nor was the betting public, who make the Eagles a -3 […]

Minn 20 NYG 19

If we are going to have our choice of Kasey missing last week or Longwell missing this week, I take Kasey. And so it really did not matter whether the FG makes or misses today, it makes, this is purely cosmetic. The important thing out of this game was that the Giants played with plenty […]

Phil Simms W17

Part I- Showtime Phil Simms 1) Dal-Phl. Philadelphia offense so limited, not going to be able to run the ball. Dallas will be able to get to McNabb. Romo has been borderline fantastic. He’ll make the play, Dallas to win. 2) Pats-Bills. NE will move the ball, NE to win. 3) Denv-SD. SD has weapons […]

The Immaculate Reception December 23, 1972. This game cemented my love of football. I was 9 years old. The Giants teams of the 1970s were horrible, and the playoffs meant the Steelers and the Raiders. What games, what rivalries! I looked forward to the divisional round of the playoffs with such anticipation, because all 4 games were […]

Brandon Jacobs Day

Some very good links to check out, highly recommended Brandon Jacobs-NY Giants history. The Journey of Brandon Jacobs. Interesting how some of the pieces of the puzzle come together.. all of a sudden a lot of the trash-talking in between plays seemed to disappear in the middle of the season, and now we know why. […]

A Christmas Gift to the New York Giants: Kevin Boss

In Sunday night’s recap, we highlighted the significance of Kevin Boss in this offense. Wonder highlighted the need to get an offensive “rhythm” after Burress was lost for the season. At this juncture of the season, three players who will have the opportunity to make an impact on the MARGIN are: 1) Fred Robbins, if […]

World’s Most Expensive Snowball 1) pretty expensive piece of snow 2) this talk about what to do with playing the Vikes is moot. Coughlin is going to rest the weary and he is going to play to win with the rest of them. Considering the number of areas the team still needs to improve in, it is what […]

Carl Banks

1) Carl Banks on WFAN yesterday. I am beginning to think that Banks reads this blog for his material. You can argue that I listen to him on radio for mine (!), but I’ve got the big screen hdtv with the Madden comments on how dead the Giants are on 3rd and 10, so I […]

New York Giants 34 Carolina Panthers 28

Ward and Boss, the TWO keys to the Ultimatenygame This was as gutty a performance as I have seen from this team since the Redskins W3 2007. The similarities were many- 2 consecutive losses, lots of doubters, a double digit deficit. When the Giants defense was getting manhandled early, giving up 3 TDs on the […]

Soup to Nuts: Tons of NFL, Phil Simms W16

1) Football is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. No excuses, about Robbins being hurt. Yesterday we found out that Keydrick Vincent, a starter for the Panthers at Right Guard the entire season, has been placed on season-ending IR. Vincent is not a tremendous G, but as we know, communication is everything, so […]


Mitch gave us the heads up on LT being on WFAN. Long, great. LT. Parcells is about confidence, a vision of how to do things, you buy into it. Parcells had the flexibility to roll with LT ’86 Giants beat the ’90 Giants in a matchup. We physically beat people up on the ’86 team. […]

Fred Robbins

Fred Robbins was in practice yesterday. Boy do we need him. Of all the players out there who are hurt (yes, even Ahmad), Robbins is the single most important one to get back healthy. The comments on his blog are actually quite informative, taken at face value. (Also, referenced on the right side is a […]