Watching Giants Sentiment

Sometimes you get epiphanies when you least expect it.  There was this friend named Speedy, a real Damon Runyon character.  I am in Vegas, it’s the 80’s. I’m a young kid having a great time, able to gamble without any consequence.  Speedy must have noted my awe with the growth of this Adult Wonderland, so he threw a different angle: […]

The Redskins

Due to technical difficulties, I could not link to a feature.  Instead we’ll just talk plain vanilla Redskins ahead of Sunday’s game.  These are not your Week 1 Redskins that the Giants face on Sunday.  Their offense has started to gel and some youth has arrived for this team.  The discussion has to begin with […]

Shooting for Perfection?

Once the Colts and Saints lock up home field through the playoffs, should they rest their starters or play through?   Those of you who are regulars of this New York Giants football blog should well know the answer by now.  Answer- PLAY THROUGH.  And to go one step further, WIN THROUGH.  Rule #22: The Carl Banks […]

Defensive Simple Rating System

(Peter and Andy both contributed to this article.)  There is a link to the left side that has what we affectionately call the “Giants Encyclopedia.”  It is actually the Pro-Football-Reference.Com historical database.  It has a tremendous amount of information about every team for every year.  Click through to the link.  We noticed that this year the far […]

“Almost Embarrassing”

A candid but contrite Carl Banks gives his take on the defense’s Chernobyl meltdown this past Sunday night along with a few other thoughts.  Carl’s opening statement: “To be honest with you it’s almost embarrassing.” People have asked Carl “did we overrate the talent on this defense?”  His response is that “you can ask any good […]

Eagles 45 Giants 38

This game is a microcosm for the Giants’ season.  Wasted talent, too many mistakes, too many missed opportunities and too much underachievement. The Giants found themselves in a position to win this game despite the hole they dug for themselves.  This was eerily similar to the situation for the entire season, where the Giants found themselves in a position to take first place […]

Giants Eagles Intragame

It is all there for the Giants.. a win and they control their fate for the playoffs and are in first place in the division via tiebreaker. Inactives: Barden, DJohnson, GJohnson, Koets, Whimper, Moss, Pascoe, BERNARD. Starting WR: Nicks.

Phil Simms – Week 14

Phil Simms’ spoke in his first segment about the Dallas-San Diego game, which he will be doing for CBS.  Simms lavished a lot of praise on the Chargers offense, saying that most defenses now are doubling Vincent Jackson, which leaves a single-covered Antonio Gates to victimize you.  SD and New Orleans have the most consistent deep ball this […]

This weekend

While Giants fans may be doing the provincial self-absorbed thing and focusing on the Eagles, there are other matchups tomorrow. NO at ATLDEN at INDCIN at MINSD at DAL and of course PHL at NYG Get your bib on.  Obviously some of these games are NFC vs AFC matchups, but we get the chance to […]

Are we going to win on Sunday night?

The stakes are huge.  If the Giants win on Sunday night vs the Eagles, they control their fate.  Let’s go through the buy and sell for the Gmen.. Bullish:1) The Giants got their mojo back last weekend.2) Boley, Canty, Goff, Sintim, Ross make the uptick meaningful.3) The Giants have been competitive at home all season.4) […]

Miles Austin- One of the few UFAs that stick

Andy sent me an article on the Cowboys’ Miles Austin.  Austin is a New Jersey kid who has become a star in the N.F.L. One could say that without him, the Cowboys would not be 8-4, might not even been a playoff contender. Austin has had some spectacular games this year including one against K,C, which […]

Wonderama Week 13

Wonder runs through the NFL after 13 weeks: Buffalo- TO’s hiring meant Jauron’s firing. Miami- 6-6 is pretty good for a team that could be 2-10. New England- Does Belichick have Alzheimers?NY Jets- 6-6 is pretty bad for a team that could be 9-3. Baltimore- Sophmore slump.Cincinnati- Since when did the Bengals learn to play defense?!!!Cleveland- They were hoping the Arena League wouldn’t […]

Carl Banks keyword: Energy

‘Energy’ was the keyword to describe Sunday’s win and a key ingredient that was missing most of the past month and a half.   The original #58 believes “energy overcomes bad blocks and missed tackles.”  This past Friday on WFAN Banks reasoned that by getting Goff, Sintim and the Kehl” you “put more athleticism” and “speed on […]

NYG 31 Dallas 24

VERY NICE WIN FROM THE GMEN TODAY! Energy, effort, emotion, pride, fight, speed to the ball.  We have not seen this the past 6 games.  We’ve been looking for signs, ANY SIGN, and there WERE LOTS OF GOOD SIGNS FROM THIS TEAM.  This is the kind of win the GIANTS CAN BUILD OFF.  They did so many […]

Phil Simms for Week 13 + intragame comments

NYG-DAL.  Phil Simms is not picking a bottom for the Giants this week.  Romo’s stat line: 5-8, 19 INTs, 5 lost fumbles.  Simms responded by saying that that is also a team/coaching issue in how these players prepare.  Mentioned a Dallas weakness, that Flozell Adams is vulnerable to the speed rush.  (Could the irony be any more […]