NYG 42 PHL 7

This is a review of the 2012 season.  Given that the Giants had played themselves out of serious contention for a playoff berth last week, it was nice to see the Giants put away the lowly Eagles (who lost 11 of their last 12 games).  There were a few takeaways from this game, but unfortunately […]

BAL 33 NYG 14

In last week's recap, we talked about a simply embarrassing showing in ATL and noted that the Giants had too many of these games.  Well, the Giants were undressed yet again, losing 33-14.  Given that the last TD was in scrub time, the Giants have effectively been outscored 67-7 in the last 2 games.  Not […]

ATL 34 NYG 0

The Giants are like a box chocolates- you never know what you are going to get.  From one week to the next, do any of you know who shows up? That inconsistency smacks of poor coaching and preparation.  To be fair, the Giants did not have Amukamara and Bradshaw, and those players' absences were felt.  […]

NYG 52 NO 27

What would you say if we were told before the game started that these would be the following stats:   Giants Saints 1st downs 24 22 3rd down efficiency 5-11 5-13 Total Yards 394 487 INTs 2 2 DEF/Special Teams TDs 1 1 Time of Possession 29:42 30:18 Sacks 1 0 FGs 1/2 2/2 Pretty […]

NY Giants 38 GB 10

The schizophrenic Giants were the Giants we know last night night.  The team with too much talent to have any excuses for laying an egg vs the Bengals came out with energy and throttled the Packers 38-10.  They played with energy and urgency, something that was lacking for many quarters over the last 4 games.  […]

CIN 31 NYG 13

31-13.  And this loss wasn't even that close.  The lone Giants TD came in garbage time.  So what happened?  The Giants did not come out with energy, and lacked crispness/focus/execution all game.  Dropped balls, Eli turnovers, Bradshaw turnover, 75 yard special teams swing on a penalty, special teams returners bumping into one another when both […]

Some Pitt-iful Review

I finally got a chance to watch the game vs Pittsburgh.  The inconsistency of this team is probably the single biggest factor when I think about macro issues.  The Giants simply have not played 4 quarters of football since the SF game.  Did the team put a flag in the ground, declare victory at the […]

NYGiants 29 Dallas 24

In order to do this recap justice, we have to quote others, who succinctly capture the game's essence: John Geraci: "We'll take that win, but it feels dirty.  I feel like I cheated on my wife but didn't get caught." Greg Colodner: "If you don't win a game where you get 5 turnovers and one […]

Wonder after Week 7

NE– Still a force to be reckoned with. Still have Supe Dreams. MIA– I will give credit where credit is due. Exceeded expectations. Tannehill can be a QB for the future. NYJ– Blow'em up and start all over.  Neither QB is the answer. BUF– Whoever gave Ryan Fitzpatrick $60M should have their head examined. CIN– […]

A more thorough discussion of the exhilarating win vs Washington

I heard that Osi said after the game was over that RGIII is the best QB they have faced so far in 2012.. that it is hard for him and his teammates to believe that he is a rookie.  Scary.  Make no mistake, if I am the Redskins coaches and management, I tell this young […]

NYG 27 Washington 23

What a thrilling game.  Of course, my heart did not need it to be that thrilling.  But the Giants like to make things interesting.  A thorough recap of the game is practically impossible, given all of the craziness that took place seemingly every possession.  Each team missed so many opportunities to wrest control of the […]

What is Small Ball?

Small Ball is shorter pass routes on 1st and 2nd down which help an OL and QB to get better rhythm and control on pass protection.  Obviously it does not have to be done to the EXCLUSION of deeper routes.  In fact, small ball helps compliment deeper routes because it puts you in 2nd and […]

NYG 26 SF 3

What a total and complete team win for the Giants against a tough opponent.  Get ready for a lot of superlatives, because the Giants and their coaches deserve every single one of them. 1) The Run game 2) The OL in run blocking 3) The Passing game 4) The OL in pass protection 5) Run […]

Week 4 NY Giants Cornerback Film Review

Losing to the Eagles is always a Stinger by Jonathan Slater   Watching film of the NY Giants loss to the Eagles this past Sunday night brought me a great deal of pain… Losing to the Eagles is always a stinger. This game can be split into two parts:  (1) the first half, where most […]