Bengals 23 Giants 10

At least this game is over.  This was Medusa’s head.  I was forced to watch it on DVR via NFL Network because the NFL Pass did not work.  The only thing that showed more malfunction than the NFL site was the NY Giants.  For those of you who missed the game, consider yourselves lucky.  It […]

See No Fault, Hear No Fault, Speak No Fault

Yesterday I had a little twitter dialogue with Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News about NY Giants injuries.  It is almost ridiculous to have meaningful and substantive dialogue in a 140 character tweet.  By the time you are through with the first half sentence you are done.  I think Ralph Vacchiano is one of […]

Mick Tingelhoff and the Hall of Fame

Shaun O’Hara had some comments to make about all of the injuries on the Offensive Line thus far.  We haven’t even had a preseason game yet, for goodness sake. Well, to be fair, these days they coddle players and as soon as there is the slightest thing wrong with any of them, they pull them out of […]

Training Camp Begins

The long wait is over.  Football is back.  The NY Giants are back.  Hope springs eternal with a new season and new opportunities for a title. Title?  Of course, a title.  That is why we blog.  The quest is for a title every year.  This isn’t the Jaguars or Raiders or Redskins, where respectability is […]

NY Giants Injury Catalog

UltimateNYG has written extensively about NY Giants (and NFL) injuries over the past year.  Our work actually dates back to 2009 when the problem first surfaced.  We catalog our research, editorials, important external links and conclusions here in one place.  At the end is a table with injury data for all 32 teams. 2009 Hamstrings […]

An Interview with FabriWorld Fitness about NYG Injuries

In our continued effort to educate our readers about what is really going on with the NY Giants injuries, we interviewed Fabri Sion of FabriWorld.  UltimateNYG is on a mission to get to the truth about this issue.  We said last year that there was something structurally wrong with the NY Giants S&C program, and […]

Lack of Respect From JPP

JPP is burning a lot more than digits on his hand.  He’s burning bridges with his behavior. His decision to not allow the Giants to speak with him, his doctors, or review his medical condition is within his rights.  After all, he is not under contract.  But that door swings both ways. He’s rapidly losing […]


First things first- we wish JPP a speedy recovery. The parallels between JPP and Plaxico Burress are eerie. Both: were stars when their incident occurred had self-inflicted non life-threatening wounds incidents occurred due to illegal activity stars showed a tremendous lack of judgment have questionable physical outcomes with a general pronouncement of being able to return […]

Apologists, Cover Up Artists, Deniers and Lemmings

Our incremental edge right now is that we see the Giants injury picture very clearly.  Somehow, the rest of the NY Giants universe, with the exception of Glenn Warciski of Giants Underground, are APOLOGISTS, COVERUP ARTISTS, DENIERS or LEMMINGS. Why am I being so blunt, to the point of offending some who disagree?  The answer […]

Walter Thurmond Talks NYG Injuries

ProFootballTalk picked up on a story from an interview with Walter Thurmond.  Thurmond notes that Coughlin isn’t a fan of new-age medical practices.  Alas, by accident we get anecdotal information on the comparison of strength & conditioning practices of 3 organizations. We have been contending for quite some time that there is a structural problem […]

Giants In Bottom-Half Of The NFL In Miles-Traveled For 2015 NFL Season

The New York Giants will try to rejoin the playoff picture with a full season of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. working together. Beckham Jr. won the 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year award despite missing the first four games of the season due to injury. He finished the season with 91 receptions, 1,305 […]

Mainstream Media Crime of Omission

These are the moments I am glad that we blog.  We fill a need.  We speak to issues that need discussing while the mainsteam media is silent.  You, our community, get to share these ideas and bypass the agenda of the mainstream. The issue about NY Giants serial injuries was first discussed here in October 2014.  The mainstream media, via […]

Devon Kennard

It is really exciting for this NY Giants blog to talk about a rising star at Linebacker.  That player is Devon Kennard.  God forbid this venerable franchise ever commit the kind of draft resources to this position that we believe it needs, let alone deserves.  Somehow, after years, seemingly decades of willful neglect, a 5th […]