Bullish on the 2015 Giants

This NY Giants blog strives for objectivity.  We predicted somewhere between 6 and 7 wins last year.  It was not because we loved the team any less.  It was because we looked at what the team had and did not want to bias ourselves or our readers.  I think this objectivity gives us additional credibility when we turn […]

Giants Host Cowboys For Highest Average Ticket Price Of The Season

The New York Giants didn’t reach the postseason for the third straight season after winning the Super Bowl in 2011, but the team discovered one of the better talents in the entire NFL when Odell Beckham, Jr. stepped on the field for the first time in Week 5. Beckham finished his Rookie of the Year […]

DeflateGate Part 4- Punishment

Goodell did some good.  Not as much good as I wanted, but he hit the Patriots with a lot.  We wanted two #1 draft picks lost.  They lost a #1 and a #4.  We wanted Brady suspended for 6 games (so that it would be appealed down to 4), and Brady got hit with 4 […]

DeflateGate- Part 3

How long has this deflating of balls been going on? 1 game? 1 season?  Try 8 seasons. The Wells report documented how deflating was likely going on during the 2014 season.  So this advantage was not just taking place for one game.  This was an ongoing activity. The pieces of the puzzle come together further when we […]

Deflategate- Part 2

First, please re/read our post from January 24, 2015: “Why Deflategate Matters.” I just read the 21 page Summary findings of the Wells Report released today.  Everything in that post from January was borne out to be true.  The Patriots broke the rules and cheated.  Tom Brady lied.  And the spin about “more probably than […]

Linebacker- Year 9

We just got through complimenting Jerry Reese and the NY Giants for a successful draft.  Let’s keep that high going with a video plug from Charlie Casserly of the NFL Network. It was amusing that some in the twitter-sphere assumed that our praise was the generic sycophant commentary which is everywhere on the internet.  Long timers to this NY […]

Giants Conclude Day 3 with an Excellent Overall Draft

The Giants did not have a Round 4 pick due to the trade for Landon Collins, but they used their remaining picks to get some players who may be able to stick on the roster.  Overall, this was as good a Draft as we have been able to assess here in 8 years of coverage.  […]

Giants killing it in this 2015 Draft

It’s only 3 rounds, but so far the Giants are having a great draft.  Sure, it helps to be picking 9th. But the Giants are getting it done with each pick. Yesterday we got the #6 guy on our board with the 9th pick, Ereck Flowers.  Today, the Gmen traded up from 40 to 33 and […]

Giants take Ereck Flowers in Round 1

If the Giants were not going to trade down, they took the best guy still on our board, Ereck Flowers.  So we like the pick.  This is our predraft comment on Flowers: Ereck Flowers (2) POTENTIAL.  Not 9 overall. Needs more NFL strength but has huge upside. Giants cannot be faulted for taking him at […]

2015 NFL Draft Part 9: Sleepers and Busts

When it comes to our draft analyst Wonder’s ability to sniff out busts, caveat emptor! Sleepers TE Clive Wolford.  Not that I am a big proponent of drafting anyone named Clive.  He should not go before R3 or R4.  He could be poor man’s Greg Olsen or he could bust, but at least you are getting him cheap […]

2015 NFL Draft Part 6: Offensive Line and Wide Receiver

Offensive Tackle/Line We have already discussed OT (Offensive Line) a number of times in earlier installments.  Part 1 discussed interest in Andrus Peet and Ereck Flowers.  We prefer either of those 2 players over Brandon Scherff, who is discussed in more detail in Part 2 of this April’s prep for the Draft.  There a few player […]

NFL Draft Intangibles

Hunger and motivation are difficult to quantify. You never truly know how far a player will go to get to the next level. Amani Toomer was a Round 2 WR who my father loved out of Michigan. He had a great motor. My father (who went to college in the Big Ten, and watches a lot of […]

2015 NFL Draft Part 5: LB, QB, RB, TE

Linebacker Not too many here. Some were in Part 4 under DE.  We are not rating 200 players this year like we did from 2010-2012. We are only rating ~45-50 players to cover the first couple of Rounds of the Giants.  We will have supplemental information on later round players as that shapes up. Vic […]