Giants In Bottom-Half Of The NFL In Miles-Traveled For 2015 NFL Season

The New York Giants will try to rejoin the playoff picture with a full season of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. working together. Beckham Jr. won the 2014 Offensive Rookie of the Year award despite missing the first four games of the season due to injury. He finished the season with 91 receptions, 1,305 […]

Mainstream Media Crime of Omission

These are the moments I am glad that we blog.  We fill a need.  We speak to issues that need discussing while the mainsteam media is silent.  You, our community, get to share these ideas and bypass the agenda of the mainstream. The issue about NY Giants serial injuries was first discussed here in October 2014.  The mainstream media, via […]

Devon Kennard

It is really exciting for this NY Giants blog to talk about a rising star at Linebacker.  That player is Devon Kennard.  God forbid this venerable franchise ever commit the kind of draft resources to this position that we believe it needs, let alone deserves.  Somehow, after years, seemingly decades of willful neglect, a 5th […]

Continued Verification of UltimateNYG Draft Analysis

This site has made a point of verifying our track record in draft predictions.  Wonder, the Draft analyst for UltimateNYG NY Giants blog, has once again bested the GMs using their own option as a filter of performance. GMs had a 5th year option on Round 1 picks from the 2011 draft.  They chose their players and we […]

Who is Luke Richesson?

Who is Luke Richesson, and why does it matter to the NY Giants?  I mean, this is a NY Giants blog, so why are we interested in the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Denver Broncos?  The answer is that he is just an ordinary guy doing his job to keep his team healthy, fit […]

Beatty Injured. Giants Perennially Injured.

When I heard the news that Will Beatty had torn his pectoral muscle and was going to be out 5-6 months, all I could think about was this persistent injury problem that the Giants continue to face, YEAR AFTER FREAKING YEAR.  We have documented this problem.  We have said it time and again that the Giants […]

Bullish on the 2015 Giants- Part 2

In the first post this past weekend, we discussed some macro arguments for why the Giants could win between 10 or 11 games this coming season.  Among those points: OC Ben McAdoo’s offense has been learned.  Players are no longer thinking, they are just playing. DC Steve Spagnuolo is a significant upgrade who can make […]

Bullish on the 2015 Giants

This NY Giants blog strives for objectivity.  We predicted somewhere between 6 and 7 wins last year.  It was not because we loved the team any less.  It was because we looked at what the team had and did not want to bias ourselves or our readers.  I think this objectivity gives us additional credibility when we turn […]

Giants Host Cowboys For Highest Average Ticket Price Of The Season

The New York Giants didn’t reach the postseason for the third straight season after winning the Super Bowl in 2011, but the team discovered one of the better talents in the entire NFL when Odell Beckham, Jr. stepped on the field for the first time in Week 5. Beckham finished his Rookie of the Year […]

DeflateGate Part 4- Punishment

Goodell did some good.  Not as much good as I wanted, but he hit the Patriots with a lot.  We wanted two #1 draft picks lost.  They lost a #1 and a #4.  We wanted Brady suspended for 6 games (so that it would be appealed down to 4), and Brady got hit with 4 […]

DeflateGate- Part 3

How long has this deflating of balls been going on? 1 game? 1 season?  Try 8 seasons. The Wells report documented how deflating was likely going on during the 2014 season.  So this advantage was not just taking place for one game.  This was an ongoing activity. The pieces of the puzzle come together further when we […]

Deflategate- Part 2

First, please re/read our post from January 24, 2015: “Why Deflategate Matters.” I just read the 21 page Summary findings of the Wells Report released today.  Everything in that post from January was borne out to be true.  The Patriots broke the rules and cheated.  Tom Brady lied.  And the spin about “more probably than […]

Linebacker- Year 9

We just got through complimenting Jerry Reese and the NY Giants for a successful draft.  Let’s keep that high going with a video plug from Charlie Casserly of the NFL Network. It was amusing that some in the twitter-sphere assumed that our praise was the generic sycophant commentary which is everywhere on the internet.  Long timers to this NY […]

Giants Conclude Day 3 with an Excellent Overall Draft

The Giants did not have a Round 4 pick due to the trade for Landon Collins, but they used their remaining picks to get some players who may be able to stick on the roster.  Overall, this was as good a Draft as we have been able to assess here in 8 years of coverage.  […]

Giants killing it in this 2015 Draft

It’s only 3 rounds, but so far the Giants are having a great draft.  Sure, it helps to be picking 9th. But the Giants are getting it done with each pick. Yesterday we got the #6 guy on our board with the 9th pick, Ereck Flowers.  Today, the Gmen traded up from 40 to 33 and […]