WAS 20 NYG 14, or Underachievement Part 43

Are you feeling a wide range of emotions right now?  Anger?  Frustration?  Depression?  That’s okay, because this NY Giants blog is here to help you.  Your emotions are very real and totally justified.  I write for this blog because it is cheaper than psychotherapy.  And you read this blog (in part) because the Giants will drive […]

NYG Injuries: Ronnie Barnes

Who is the most powerful man in the NY Giants organization after the owners, the Maras and Tischs?  The answer might surprise you. The injury coverage here on this NY Giants blog has been an ongoing evolving story.  We keep peeling away layers of the onion to get to the truth.  The story of Victor Cruz is […]

NE 27 NYG 26

I am concerned about burning out as a blogger because recapping these bleeders is starting to take its toll.  Having to recount this loss after the blown loss to DAL in Week 1 the blown loss to ATL in Week 2 the blown loss to NO in regulation the blown loss here tonight vs NE […]

Giants v. Patriots Secondary Market Tickets over $575 For This Sunday’s Game

The New York Giants are playing an undefeated New England Patriots team this weekend—tell us if you’ve heard that before. The two teams have had a rich recent history over the last decade. Their most recent meeting came February 5th, 2012 in Super Bowl XLVI as the Giants added a Lombardi Trophy to the franchise’s […]

NYG 32 TB 18

The Giants won a game they should have won and needed to win.   After next week’s game to the Patriots (the Giants are home +7.5 pt dogs), they rate to be 5-5 at the bye with a very small chance of 6-4.  With Beatty, Amukamara and Cruz all possible additions to the active gameday roster post bye, the Giants are […]

Wonderound the NFL at Week 8

Our analyst Wonder gives us 32 sound bites around the NFL. NE– As a Jets fan, won’t Tom Brady please go away? NYJ– I thought Todd Bowles was a great Defensive Mind? BUF– Well, Rex is still Rex. MIA– Dan Campbell MAY be the answer. CIN– If they don’t win a playoff game, Lewis should be shot. PIT– W/o […]


Well, it took about a half a day to settle down and remove (most of the, I hope) emotion from the discussion of yesterday’s game.  I really do not want to dwell on individual players performances.  They ran the gamut.  This is a NY Giants fan’s blog.  It is not for reporting as much as […]

Saints 52 NYG 49

I really cannot blog this game recap. Emotionally I am wiped out. To lose with the punter not sending the ball out of bounds to put the game into OT is an insane way to lose an insane game. We tweeted early in Q1 that 40+ points would be needed to win, and then asked […]

Q&A Preview with Saints Nation

UltimateNYG and Saints Nation Blog have done a Q&A.  Below is the game preview, via Patrick Orly’s answers to our questions.  Click through on this link to view our Giants answers to the Patrick’s questions about the Giants. 1) I had the Saints-Colts game on FOX, it was a 27-0 blowout, FOX switched us to WAS-TB. What happened […]

Old School is Failing the NY Giants

A friend I know bumped into an NFL player, which we will only identify as a former first round draft pick.  He asked the NFL player if he was aware of the NY Giants injuries and why they are struggling with so many of them. “From what I hear from teammates and friends around the league, the […]

NYG 27 DAL 20

2015 Tom Coughlin Math: 4 Turnovers + 1 Special Teams TD – Tony Romo – Dez Bryant = NY Giants Win One tweet reminded us that this one felt like playing against Josh Freeman of Minnesota in 2013.  Both QBs were in their first start for duty that was relinquishing a 2nd string failure (Cassel, Weeden).  Both […]

PHI 27 NYG 7

I’m too nauseous to blog. Eagles TDs: 1 TD- a 3 & out is a turnover when F’g meathead Moore gets called for a personal foul (egregious QB late hit) to give the Eagles back the ball 1 TD- 4th down running into the punter gives the Eagles back the ball 1 TD- Eli throws […]

Lack of Injury Prevention

Prince Amukamara was interviewed by SNY/Ralph Vacchiano. He was asked why the NY Giants were facing a rash of injuries. Amukamara: “53-60 guys on this team and each one has a different way to eat, a different way they work out, a different way they hydrate themselves, so it’s probably many factors.” This information is […]