This 53 man roster is not pretty

I have been polite this preseason.  Out of respect for the players, front office, & coaches, I have urged patience and time to let 2014 play itself out.  But along the way a few more developments have occurred that are noteworthy: 1) We have not seen any QB pressure from the first string Defensive Line. […]

Enough of Preseason. Onto the Regular Season.

I watched the replay of the NYG-NYJ game.  I listened on radio to the first half of the NYG-NE game.  Folks, this is going to be a long season.  Buckle up.  The offense has simply not made the improvements it needs to make to be ready for week 1.  It will improve as the season […]

Reese and Palmieri in Round 1

Let’s review Reese in Round 1 of the NFL Draft: 2007- Aaron Ross (hamstring) 2008- Kenny Phillips (knee) 2009- Hakeem Nicks (his entire brittle body) 2010- Jason Pierre-Paul (back) 2011- Prince Amukamara (foot) 2012- David Wilson (neck) 2013- Justin Pugh 2014- Odell Beckham (hamstring) Do you see a pattern?  Why have 8 of the 9 […]

NYG 27 IND 26

Oh, the final score, if it could only tell the real story.  About the only good thing that happened was the final score.  The rest of the game (Q1-Q3) was sloppy, if you are in the optimist’s camp. And it was awful if you are modest in your expectations for this season.  We are modest […]

NYG 20 Steelers 16

Having had family commitments on a weekend summer evening, I was only able to “steel” away to watch about ~70% of the preseason contest.  Nonetheless, the simple message is that the Giants are a work in progress.  How much progress is being made is the question.  Steve Serby, for one, was blunt about the glass […]

David Wilson Retires From Football

Anyone complaining about the lack of posts is not on Twitter.  So get on twitter, follow us and get as much Giants as you crave from that Social Media site..  there are so many Giants players, beat writers, NY Giants bloggers, NY Giants lists, breaking news, you name it.  And during the games during the […]

NYG 17 Buffalo 13

It’s the first preseason game.  Who looked good: 1) Damonster got a sack and a pressure.  He’s flashing.. we will look for more from Moore. 2) Nassib looked much better than at any time in 2013.  His pass to Washington for a TD was the eye-catching stat, but more importantly he was in command and […]

Training Camp Begins

The 2014 NY Giants season starts with training camp, which begins with its first practice tomorrow.  Two big news items hit in the past 24 hours: (1) Snee is retiring and (2) Wilson is completely cleared to practice and play football. Chris Snee’s body simply wore down before his desire.  While Snee was ready to […]

Excellent Value Taken by Gmen on Day 3!

The Draft is 3 days and 7 rounds long.  Tom Brady and Ahmad Bradshaw will tell you that.  Jerry Reese and the Giants did a great job on Day 3 of collecting a lot of good talent for where they picked.  This will hopefully translate to production on the field. Our draft analyst Wonder is […]

Draft: Day 3 Targets and Sleepers

See the list below.  It’s all about potential on Day 3.  Are you drafting to fill a roster for a year or two on specials, until the next player bounces him, OR are you looking to find a guy with the potential to make a difference?!  This list is all about players that have the […]

Giants select Richburg and Bromley in R2 & R3

Richburg is a Center. That was need, since the physical health of Walton is not certain.  Bromley is a DT.  The Giants like drafting DT’s (Joseph, Austin, Hankins, Bromley) with high draft picks.  Not sure why, but that’s what they do. I guess I question what the point is to drafting these guys high if […]

Odell Beckham selected in Round 1

Just remember that Taylor Lewan went 11 and Odell Beckham went 12. Barring injury, that will tell the story of great vs good. Regulars to this NY Giants blog know that I am not a fan of taking WRs in Round 1. So forgive me if I am not doing cartwheels for taking a WR. […]

Final 2014 Draft Thoughts

OUR 10 GUYS: CLOWNEY ROBINSON MATTHEWS LEWAN MACK BARR WATKINS EVANS EBRON GILBERT These are the 10 guys, one of which the Giants must take when they pick at 12. If Barr or Ebron is one of the 2 left at 12 and you pass on them, shame on you. Ebron will totally change the […]