NYG 23 DET 20 OT

"Here, you have the game." "No, I don't want it, I am awful.  You have it!" "No thanks.  Don't go telling me you're awful. I'm awful too.  You have it." "I just said I didn't want it. You have it…" For those of you who chose to miss the game and merely get a recap […]

The NFC at Week 16

Wonder covers the NFC, Part 2 of coverage around the NFL.  See random comments after the 16 teams below for more color on what is making these teams do well or underachieve. PHI- Exceeded expectations, should win the NFC East DAL- Jerry Jones should clean house, starting with himself NYG- Start Eli for 1 series, […]

The AFC at Week 16

Frankly, I am so fed up with this Dead-Giants-Man Walking that my love of football has to have some kind of outlet.  This season is a reminder of the nightmare 1970s.  So here is one productive way I survived 1970's football- I watched other teams in the NFL and learned to appreciate what good football […]

SEA 23 NYG 0

Last week the Giants got their (Super Bowl) clock cleaned by SD, losing 37-13.  This week they lost again by a similar margin, only this time it was a shutout, 23-0. "Pathetic," said Tom Coughlin of his offense's performance.  The frequenters of this NY Giants blog have company in their assessment of that unit this year, […]

SD 37 NYG 14

When the NY Giants started the season 0-6, everyone understood that the season was for all intent and purposes over.  After the team was fortunate enough to face 4 consecutive garbage QBs Freeman, barely days old a Viking Barkley Pryor, with an MCL sprain Tolzien .. there was some remote hope that Beason, Hill and […]

Giants 24 Redskins 17

  …the word of the night after this one was fight and the Giants certainly did that in this one.  It would have come as a surprise to no one, if the 0-6 Giants packed it in. Or if the freshly "almost-eliminated "4-6 Giants did not rise to the occasion in last night's matchup. This […]

Odds and Ends at 4-7

Lots of collected thoughts about the NY Giants as they face the remaining 5 games at 4-7. 1) Pat Traina had a very good breakdown of the Offense's struggles.  The focus of her analysis was Kevin Gilbride.  The conclusion is not a shock to this NY Giants blog… Mr. Gilbride is making mistakes and not […]

DAL 24 NYG 21

We knew we were going to find out if the Giants were real today.  6 games of ugliness were followed by 4 games of hope.  The hope had an asterisk of having played against 4 pretend QBs.  What would happen when the Giants finally faced a real QB? They came up short.  The Giants fought […]


Beason’s Arrival Has Begun to Restore Pride to Big Blue LB Corps

  As Andy looked at in his game review from Sunday—the Giants finally have been getting some quality efforts from the LB position. Anyone who spends time on the site knows, we in the UltimateNYG community have been baffled by the lack of attention paid by the organization to the position over the last several […]

JPP, Part 17

I got a chance to listen to some of Carl Banks and Kim Jones on WFAN this evening on my way home from work. Jones shared a nugget that is valuable for Giants fans to understand about the 2013 season… JPP told Jones that he hurt his shoulder right after getting a sack, and that […]

NYG 27 GB 13

Mirage or Makeover? The resurrection of the NY Giants 2013 season continues with another win, a 4 game win streak and a 4-6 record.  This was arguably the best and most complete game of the season for the gmen.  You suit up against the other team and you play the game.  The fact that the […]

game winner

Andre Brown Continues to Push Through Obstacles

  The return of Andre Brown was crucial for the Giants on so many levels, providing the team a jolt on the field and a source of motivation off. Brown's hard-fought journey to return and his first game back were certainly a highlight in a season where they have few and far between. On the field, just […]

NYG 24 OAK 20

  More bad football.  "The teams traded mistakes throughout." The procession of opponents with not-ready-for-primetime QBs continued. Josh Freeman in his first appearance in a Viking uniform.  Check. A hobbled Vick, followed by Matt Barkley.  Check. A hobbled Pryor who was unable to run beyond a trot.  Check. Up next is Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone, […]

Quick Hits Game Preview

The Giants are coming off the bye week and looking to build on their first “winning streak” winning streak of the season against the Oakland Raiders. UltimateNYG has been given the opportunity to attend this Sunday’s upcoming matchup and will be detailing the events in a recap blog, but in the mean time here are […]