Mark Cuban Echoes UltimateNYG

What do Mark Cuban and UltimateNYG have in common? Well, one of them is a billionaire and the other is not.  But when it comes to observations about the business of professional football, both are warning about dire consequences if the path of the NFL continues. “I think the NFL is 10 years away from […]

Holliday, Manningham, Jerry sign with Giants

Jerry Reese's whirlwind Free Agency of 2014 continues.  The latest development is that John Jerry of Bully-gate fame has signed with the Gmen.  When the details of the (NFL's independent 3rd party) Wells investigation into the Martin-Dolphins bullying was released, we read the entire report.  It was a sickening recounting of how 3 players (Richie […]

DRC signs 5 yr Deal with the NY Giants

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has signed with the NY Giants!  More kudos for snagging a terrific CB. Since the era of Free Agency began in 1994, there has never been a year like this one for the NY Giants.  Nothing from the past 20 years comes close to the ferocious path with which Jerry Reese has taken […]


UPTICK UPTICK UPTICK UPTICK! The Giants have absolutely killed it these past two days!  Fantastic moves. 1) We loved the Geoff Schwartz signing yesterday, as the Giants got one of the top 10 solid free agents in the 2014 crop.  He's a solid football player bordering on all pro, he's 27, he fits a huge […]

Giants New Signings, Joseph Signs with Vikes

The New York Giants have agreed to terms with G Geoff Schwartz, RB Rashad Jennings and LB O'Brien Schofield.  DT Linval Joseph has signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Let's get the scouting report and value assessment on the new players for the Gmen from our NFL source, Wonder: Geoff Schwartz: "Very good, really good signing. […]

NFL Offseason Observations

An easy way to keep up with UltimateNYG NY Giants blog in between offseason posts is to follow us on Twitter.  In fact, with that medium, having dialogue about the team is easier than ever. See the link on the right or click thru on The impetus for this post is that the NY […]

Richard Sherman

One of the reasons why we blog is to have a strong forum where ideas can be exchanged freely and effectively.  I am very proud of the track record of commenters at this NY Giants blog site.  For the most part, everyone has been able to share their views with decorum and respect for each […]

Ben McAdoo named Giants OC

Ben McAdoo, the QBs coach and former TE coach of the GB Packers, was named offensive coordinator of the NY Giants. We know very little about McAdoo beyond what those in the mainstream media are reporting.   What we do know we do like:           1) He's a positions coach who […]

10 Years of Coziness with Kevin Gilbride

Erin Brockovich: "I just went out there and performed sexual favors. Six hundred and thirty-four b*** j**s in five days… I'm really quite tired." Prefer he tweak than leave "

Getting Middled

"Hey diddle diddle, the fiddle hit a middle." Did the Giants get middled in going 7-9? One of the tools of the trade in sports betting is trying to middle a sports line.  It's the hole in the middle of a betting structure where you can win both sides of a bet.  The classic middle […]

Gilbride Rumored to be Fired

Late Monday we tweeted that sources inside the Giants confirm that sometime later this week or next week Kevin Gilbride will be let go from the team.  We made the case for many years that the Giants won despite Gilbride. We made the case that when he was dealt less than a perfect hand that […]

NYG 20 WAS 6

Zero has changed in the last 24 hours.  The same team that was 6-9 is now finished for the season at 7-9.  Oh, except that Beatty broke his leg, Manning sprained his ankle, Randle sprained his ankle, and Nicks I frankly don't care because the guy is perpetually hurt. Jerrel Jernigan had his second consecutive […]


I have some friends who are avid Chiefs fans, and we were out at dinner last night.  There was a message that was fundamental to the nature of the NFL that we discussed.  It needs to be shared here, if only because it happened to the Giants and it is happening right now to the […]

NFL Top Offensive Players in 2013

Subjective rankings of the Top 5 NFL players at each position on Offense, as rated by Wonder.  Sometimes players are taken off the list because of injury (Julio Jones), and other times they are included out of defiance (Gronkowski).  Right Tackle was horrible.  At WR, so deep that more than a few who deserved to […]