NYG 32 WAS 21

Leave it to the Redskins to provide relief for the Gmen. Just what the doctor ordered. Kirk Cousins is a caretaker QB who cost his team 7(INT)+4(wide open TD under thrown)+ underthrows Garcon+ 4(can’t hit open Receiver in end zone on 6 man blitz). He was the gift that kept on giving. A better QB […]

Low Bar for Tom

Tony Romo is gone for 8 games. Kiko Alonso is (not yet confirmed but likely) out for the season. The Giants won’t face Romo in their second matchup. Dez Bryant is out for a while. The Eagles are 0-2 and do not look good (we predicted this in May). Its deja vu all over again […]

ATL 24 NYG 20

Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. If the Giants could hold onto 2 double digit leads, they would be 2-0 right now. And if the Queen had balls she’d be King. If the Giants could have made even one less of many errors in either game, they’d be 2-0 right now. But they could not. And the reality […]

DAL Recap Part 2

The disclosure by Eli that he told Jennings to not go in the for the score is a total fiasco.  Eli said he had discussed this with the Giants coaches.  Yet Coughlin said he was not aware of this until after the game.  This whole end game clock mismanagement was completely dysfunctional.  Yes, it is […]

DAL 27 NYG 26

I was at a wedding for the 1st 3 quarters.  The Giants could not seal the deal. These were all of the elements noted in the preview: Dallas outplaying the Giants  (436 yds vs 289 yds) Unga and Collins costing the Giants (they were the guys in coverage on the last 2 TDS) Witten (who […]

DAL preview

One of the problems with being objective is that it sometimes is at odds with running a NY Giants blog.  Sports team bloggers are boosters of their team.  Reconciling objectivity is a challenge because there is innate bias. Objectively speaking, I cannot see how the NY Giants win this game tonight vs Dallas.  I will […]

No JPP Deal

I’m shocked. Not. We expressed our doubts here on this NY Giants blog and thru Twitter of the chances for a deal. It was not complicated. How is a less than 100% operable hand going to help a DE to generate $14.8MM in production?! The only reason why there would be an agreement is if […]

2015 Season Preview

This 2015 Giants Season Preview Special is one that has taken months to evolve.  While Preseason does not matter, you need to see that things are at the very least coming together.  Things have not come together yet for the Giants. We were bearish on the 2014 team, rightly so.  We saw 6-7 wins.  So you know […]

NYG 12 Pats 9

The score says enough. No one made it into the end zone in a game where most Pats starters were held out. There were some individual players like Geremy Davis who looked credible. Very hard to read into too much here in this game, where players on the bubble were fighting for roster spots. Landon […]

NY Jets 28 NY Giants 18

We all love the Giants.  The Giants do not love us back, especially in preseason.  The Giants were varying degrees of sloppy in the first 2 preseason games.  They were sloppy again in the 3rd game of preseason. It was not as painful to watch as the Bengals game.  For those of us watching on […]

Two Professors Confirm UltimateNYG Fitness Contentions

A little over a month ago, UltimateNYG interviewed Fabri Sion of FabriWorld Fitness to talk about Strength, Conditioning and Giants injuries.  Fabri contended that flexibility training was critical to the prevention of muscle tears and other injuries.  And when confronted with the data that the NY Giants were suffering 45% more lost starts due to […]

Giants 22 Jags 12

I’m on vacation w family, didn’t watch every play. Saw pockets. Won’t be able to watch replay until Monday night to review everything. 1) Frightening how this team cannot stay healthy. 2) Flowers was the pick at 9. You can see his upside potential when he overpowers the opposition when run blocking. 2a) Pugh looked […]

Bengals 23 Giants 10

At least this game is over.  This was Medusa’s head.  I was forced to watch it on DVR via NFL Network because the NFL Pass did not work.  The only thing that showed more malfunction than the NFL site was the NY Giants.  For those of you who missed the game, consider yourselves lucky.  It […]

See No Fault, Hear No Fault, Speak No Fault

Yesterday I had a little twitter dialogue with Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News about NY Giants injuries.  It is almost ridiculous to have meaningful and substantive dialogue in a 140 character tweet.  By the time you are through with the first half sentence you are done.  I think Ralph Vacchiano is one of […]