10 Reasons Why I am Rooting for the Redskins

10 reasons why I will be rooting for the Washington Redskins this postseason.

1) RGIII is great for the game of football.

2) RGIII has humility and respect for himself, his opponents, and the game.

3) The Redskins make the NFC East tougher, and force the Giants to get better.

4) Maybe a successful Redskins teams forces the Giants to draft a LBer in Round 1 for the first time in 29 years.

5) Victor Cruz is rooting for the Redskins this postseason.

6) Of the Giants 3 opponents in the NFC East, I dislike the Skins the least.

7) In the NFC, I have no interest in rooting for Harbaugh, Rodgers or Carroll.  MIN and ATL are boring.

8) In the AFC, I won't root for the Cheater.  I never root for BAL (unless they play vs the Cheater).  I still do not believe Peyton should have come back. IND, HOU and CIN are boring.

9) Redskins fans have paid plenty for their owner's hopelessness.  We had a decade of darkness in the '70's. They had two decades.

10) Hey, they beat the Boys last week, it's the least we can do.