Quick Hits Game Preview

The Giants are coming off the bye week and looking to build on their first “winning streak” winning streak of the season against the Oakland Raiders. UltimateNYG has been given the opportunity to attend this Sunday’s upcoming matchup and will be detailing the events in a recap blog, but in the mean time here are some keys the Giants need to focus on if they wish to continue their winning ways and try to maintain the smallest of hopes to somehow get back on the Road to MetLife Stadium.


Stopping Pryor and the Run


The Giants defense has been the key to their two victories this season and if they wish to become serious about a playoff run the D will need to continue their strong play Sunday. The number one focus of Big Blue’s defense will have to be stopping the Raiders’ run game, in other words Terrelle Pryor. Starting running back and oft-injured Darren McFadden will be out this week and Pryor’s shortcomings in the passing game are blatantly clear ( Pryor has the worst grade amongst QBs  this season, a -15.4 passing grade this season according to PFF.com) but Pryor has torched teams on the ground. Pryor leads all quarterbacks with a 8.3 run grade this season. The Giants will have one main focus on defense but stopping Pryor on the ground will not be an easy task.


Getting the Deep Passing Game Going


On paper this looks like the week that the Giants offense can finally start clicking again and look like the well-oiled machine that Giants fans have gotten used to seeing over the last few seasons. The Raiders are ranked 25th overall in pass coverage according to PFF.com at an unimpressive -25.1. Additionally, the Raiders pass rush is ranked dead last in the league. Eli should have plenty of time behind an offensive line that is starting to find somewhat of a rhythm and facing a putrid pass rush. Expect gaudy numbers from Cruz and Nicks if the Giants are to come out on top in this one.


Converting in the Red Zone


The red zone, or “green zone” as Tom Coughlin likes to call it, has been an area for concern for the Giants all season long. Two weeks ago the Giants managed to find a victory despite not finding the end zone. The Giants will not be able to win on a consistent basis without finding pay dirt. If the light at the end of the tunnel is going to get any brighter for the Giants this year they are going to have to start turning in those field goals into touchdowns.