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Week 3 Jump to Conclusions Mat- OL, TE, WR, LB Edition


Offensive Line

-Rich Conforti

Week 3 grade sheet   (with play-by-play notes)

Week 3 by the numbers

…the first order of business is to make note of Will Beatty's effort as he put on a clinic at the LT position. It was far and away the best game of his career. Although it wasn't the same circumstances as Brown or Barden's situation, Beatty too had a coming out party. Just take note of how many times he stands out in 1v1 pass blocking in my play-by-play notes. Hopefully something clicked. Let's keep this in perspective though as Carolina's front seven turned in a putrid effort rushing the passer (reason for a lot of the 0's in the pass game) and stiffer tests will certainly await Beatty. We also know he has had durability issues so we have plenty more to see out of him with some solid pass rushers awaiting him on the schedule.

…in the game review I touched on Andy's tweet regarding the undermanned Giants formula for success on offense against Carolina. Small ball right out of the gate. That is exactly what they did, coming out with a great balance of runs and short/intermediate passes in the opening period. Don't think the Giants weren't mindful of this when they opened the 2nd quarter hitting Barden on a deep post (a route that would be there all game long) off of play action. The patience with he play calling facilitiated this opportunity. Take a look below.

Eight in the box at the snap.


 O-line fires off to sell the run. All eight in the box are buying.


   And Eli will exploit THIS kind of look all day.


…the Giants’ run blocking was excellent on Thursday in Carolina. As a unit on run plays they scored a overall. Locklear was the recipient of the negative score with one or two very preventable -1's (see notes). At the same time they also left a lot on the table coming one block short on several occasions and this was noted in the comments section. Understand this is meant in a good way–multiple snaps were one block away from an explosive play.  Remember, all it takes is one missed to ruin four great ones. It's a cohesive unit. 

…the lack of in game adjustments by the Carolina defense was surprising. The Giants o-line was able to dominate them at the point of attack. Nearly no sign of a blitz and no solid pressure by the front four in any manner. better believe that Philly will apply much more pressure than Carolina did. I counted less than five blitzes out of the Panthers. Maybe because no Nicks/Hixon? Either way they paid the price. You have to think Philly will provide a better test than Carolina did. They gave Eli predictable looks and that is a battle he will always win. Again, you have to think Philly will do more in the way of creating chaos up front.  


Wide Receiver/Tight End

-Steve Gesuele

Week 3 grade sheet (with play-by-play notes)

…remember it was week three of the 2011 season when Victor Cruz had his coming out party against the Eagles and we may have just witnessed the birth of Barden as an effective contributing player. Ramses had big shoes to fill with no Nicks or Hixon in the lineup and he stepped up big time. Not only did he put up gaudy offensive numbers (nine catches for 138 yards, both good enough to lead the team) but he showed tremendous route running skills and down field blocking. The latter two may be what fans should be most excited about.

…Victor Cruz didn't have an eye popping 80-yard TD catch and run versus the Panthers but he had a solid game by any other measure. Cruz is dominant in the short passing game and it was highly evident against Carolina. Even with all the discussion about Carolina rolling the coverage to his side, Cruz was still able to be effective in the short to intermediate passing game. Bet Cruz never expected this one year ago.

Martellus ​Bennett now has three straight gameswith at least four catches and one touchdown and his yard totals have increased in all three of those contests. The Black Unicorn is becoming more and more comfortable in the offense and it is showing. No head shaking drops for him either. Bennett was solid in the blocking game once again where he graded out to 0 for the second consecutive week. He was also great in this feature by the New York Times' Sam Borden. Great stuff. 

…Pascoe turned in a solid effort against Carolina. The Giants love him in run blocking situations which was showcased when both Brown touchdown runs went to his side of the field. He is about as consistent of a blocker as you can as for from your second string tight end. We also saw a look from the Giants that we have yet to see this season: Bear in the slot.  



-Steve Hardin

Week 3 grade sheet (with play-by-play notes)

…it is not easy preparing for a team that can run the read option in the NFL as well as Carolina. You need to be assignment sound. This is something that college teams spend time on from the day they report to camp because they see it week in and week out. The Giants had three days so hats off to them.

…brings me to my second key to the success of this unit on Thursday…sound tackling. Carolina has a lot of guys who are very good in space. In addition to forcing the Giants to make open field tackles in the run game, they attempted a number of underneath throws to their backs and tight end also putting their tackling to the test.

…it was mentioned in our breakdown of the safeties that guys were dropping to areas but trying to read the quarterback rather than being conscious of receivers moving in and out of zones. I had the same criticism of the linebackers last week and was afraid a more experienced quarterback than we saw in Freeman would be able to pick us apart using his eyes. Cam Newton isn’t a much bigger test than Freeman but they did a better job of this this week and feel a little more comfortable going forward.

…best game I have seen from Williams so far. Twice during the game he made two plays playing aggressively downhill in the run game. Both Boley and Blackburn took too many false steps. They appeared to get caught looking in the backfield on more than one occasion. This is something Blackburn seems to have had issues with in the previous two games, but was a first for Boley who was nearly flawless with his reads in weeks 1 and 2.  

…has a linebacker ever lead the league in picks? There are more athletic linebackers, even on our team, but Boley has quite the nose for the ball in the pass game.