Week 5 Jump to Conclusions Mat Pt. 2- WR, TE, S, DT and DE



-Andrew DeLoach

Week 5 grade sheet

…the tackling issue from week four certainly carried into week five.  The tackling needs to improve or the Giants risk giving up some big plays unnecessarily. The defense seems to be at its best when three or four guys are hustling to the ball and gang tackling.

…on a similar note, when teams out flank the Giants – using motion or heavy formations – they tend to struggle. I think it is a result of being able to get less bodies to the point of contact and being forced to rely on solo tackles.

…again with tackling in mind, guys need to do a much better job in pursuit. Rolle always seems to be hustling even when the play is on the other side of the field. He has made three or four tackles 30 yards down field this year because he does not quit. In particular among the secondary, Hill seems to have the most trouble getting back into the play. When guys get playing time – especially as a result of injury – they are not expected to be as good as the starter, but there is no excuse for a lack of effort.

…despite the occasional lack of hustle, Hill has been really effective the last few games because he give the defense a bigger body without losing any coverage ability. We've seen how teams pick on the Giants' linebackers when they are dropping into coverage (re: Blackburn on the first drive), so having Hill was a nice option. He will be tough to replace the next four weeks.

…enter Tyler Sash. With Hill out, I expect to see a lot more of Tryon in cover situations in the next four weeks, but it will be interesting to see if Sash can carry any of the load. The Giants have had a tendency to play a little too robotic, as if they are worried about messing up, which makes sense when you have a lot of backups in the mix. Hopefully Sash can break that trend.  


Wide Receiver/Tight End

-Steve Gesuele

Week 5 grade sheet


Defensive Tackle

Week 5 grade sheet


Defensive End

-George Richford

Week 5 grade sheet