getting ready for Dallas

1) The starters at CB in week 1 vs Dallas were McQuarters and Webster. Now they are a healthy Madison and Ross. 2) The Giants are last in the NFL in red zone defense. The coaching staff analyzed this during the bye week to determine what tendencies can be changed to get better there.3) A […]

Dallas at NYG

The stakes are huge for the Giants. If they lose there is realistically no bye this year. How do they win this game? 1) Manning plays 4 quarters. See prev blog.2) No romo-ing right. The Dallas QB is as lethal rolling out of the pocket RIGHT as Manning has been lethal on play action.3) The […]

Manning at Midseason

From QB Coach Palmer: Q: Tom Coughlin mentioned that a lot of times what you don’t see is Eli audibling to the right play in the run game… A: Outstanding. Outstanding. Q: That is something that probably nobody realizes? A: No one realizes it. He gives our team numerous chances to be successful, not just […]

British Bums

We s***ed. Put this in the dictionary under U for Ugly. Madison shoulder (non) tackles. Tynes (I HATE HIM) misses a 29 yarder. Manning was awful, passing for 58 yards. His receivers were worse, w MANY drops, including Toomer TD gift-wrapped. The Brits don’t have a monopoly on rain-soaked conditions, so I do not want […]

respect for the fan

In 1981 the avg baseball game took 2:33 mins. In 2007, it took 2:51 mins, actually 6 mins less than it did in 1995. But World Series games for the last 10 years last 37 mins longer than reg season games. And in this year’s World Series the 3 games have taken an average of […]

They are giving money away!

The Giants have won (and COVERED) 5 straight. The geniuses are predictably lining up at the cashier’s window ready to collect before the race even goes off… resident genius Blezow: “THIS one’s easy, so let’s just say it in the Queen’s English: The Giants are going to kick the Dolphins’ bums all over Wembley Stadium.” […]

the play-calling

The playcalling is not predictable. Amen. Give credit where it is due… Gilbride is mixing it up. Could he have the offense run through Shockey a lot more? Well, in a word, YES! But you cannot argue with the success he has had spreading it out, pounding other teams with the run (because our O-line […]

feast or famine

At the beginning of the season, whatever could go wrong usually did. Now, whatever team we seem to face crumbles before we arrive. Brian Westbrook, the offensive line of the Falcons, Alex Smith and now this week: Chambers traded a week ago and Ronnie Brown (their entire offense) out for the rest of the year […]

NYG 33 49ers 15

Business-like win again. We all want this team to accomplish BIG things. While the effort was impressive, some things really bothered me. Do not mistake the message, that the Giants are becoming a very good football team because their offensive and defensive lines of scrimmage are dominating. IF YOU WANT TO SEE BIG THINGS, YOU […]


Was just listening to Russo on WFAN rip the Yankees for letting go of Torre. Look, Russo is a phony and fraud, and creates noise and controversy to generate ratings. He is in the advertising business, not the sports business. So he gets on his high horse (allow me to get on mine!) and says […]

to Plaxico or not to Plaxico

Burress will be going on 6 days rest for the ankle vs. 8 days for the prev contest. By his own admission, every day he is off the ankle is very helpful for recuperation. I think that between getting only 6 days and also getting Clements at corner, this will be Burress’s first game getting […]

7 questions, Part II

Before the beginning of the season, I asked 7 questions. Let’s look at them one at a time. Will Kiwanuka play well at LB? NO. But we get a YES because the Giants have stopped the failed experiment. Will Diehl play well at LT? YES. Will our shoddy secondary hold it together? With the ascendency […]

4-2… so now what?!?!

2/3rds full or 1/3rd empty. There are reasons aplenty to be optimistic and enough problems to keep our feet on the ground. Draw your own conclusions from the following observations: Ongoing problems1) We got the Eagles when Westbrook was out, the Falcons can drop passes galore, but what happens when we play the teams that […]

NYG 31 Falcons 10

Business-like game. Manning showed up, the Giants showed up, the Giants won a game they should have won. Early on we all know it was not so simple. But it was the offense which kept the pressure on, and the defense sealed it. Can anyone tell me what happened to Aaron Ross? Injured? Taken off […]