Eli Manning and the Offensive Line of 2010: Underappreciated

Let’s turn our attention to something in 2010 that is an enormous accomplishment. We talk a lot about the Giants excellent defense and everything except the offensive line.  It’s taken 13 weeks to feel inspired enough to write about what is becoming comparable to a Christmas miracle. I was one of the first to say that next […]

Takeaways from Monday night in Motown

A strange Monday night in Motown.   With the temperature at a frigid 12 degrees, thousands of people including myself waited on line in the pre-dawn hours for free tickets.  In the afternoon, Viking fans, Giants fans, and NFL fans littered downtown bars awaiting the gates of Ford Field to open at 5:30 p.m.  Throngs of people waited  impatiently wanting to get into the stadium. Once […]

Giants 21 Vikings 3

Although the Giants got off to an inauspicious start, they vanquished the Vikings at Ford Field.   The Good: The Giants defense.  Inexplicably, Eli Manning continues to throw interceptions.  In the first quarter,  his two picks put the onus on the Giants defense.  And give tremendous credit to this defense for keeping the game close.  Off of the two turnovers, […]

Tuck Contest through week 7

 The latest line for the Motown monday night matchup, -3.5.  Yes, the line moved, but so did the craziness of this time/venue.  If you need to change your pick, drop a comment here.  Here are the standings.. Below is the standings for the Tuck football contest through week 7:   Jags     Skins     […]

Metrodome Roof Collapses, Phil Simms

Early reports (we will update the link) have the Metrodome roof collapsed.  Do they move the game to the Meadowlands?  Stay tuned.  UPDATE FROM NFL: MONDAY 720PM ET at DETROIT. Phil Simms spoke with Mike Francesa on WFAN on Sunday Morning. 1) NE-CHI.  Wind will be there. 20-30 mph winds, 19 degrees w/o the windchill.  […]

Giants game postponed to Monday Night

Due to a blizzard in Minnesota, combined with Metrodome officials being unable to clear the roof of snow, the Giants game has been postponed until Monday night.  While this disadvantages the Giants when they play Philly next Sunday, tough toasties, deal with it, win out and quit complaining.   I for one am sorry they are not […]

Playoff Caliber Litmus Test

Brian Billick and Jim Mora discussed on what makes a playoff caliber team..  There are many statistics to judge a team and their success over the course of a season but Mora and Billick have a unique formula to classify a quality team called the “Toxic Differential.”  The formula is devised by the turnover […]

Purple Jesus Preview

The Giants are coming to Purple Jesus.  UltimateNYG NY Giants blog did a Q&A exchange with the Vikings site, Purple Jesus Diaries.  Purple Jesus, for those of you who not have figured it out, is none other than the savior of all Fantasy Football Teams, Adrian Peterson.  Here are our answers to their questions and below is their excellent […]

What happens when the Giants face a good QB?

   The most important thing is to look at the Giants objectively.  When I do that, I make this observation: The Giants have not and cannot beat a team with a good QB and an OC who exploits their weaknesses.    What you saw this past weekend was a pathetic Redskin team with a QB who was done before he was traded.  Andy documented that well […]

Game Rewind: Giants Pass Defense

On Sunday in the review of the victory of the Giants over the Washington Redskins, we had 9 good’s and 3 bad’s.  So the gmen got the job done.  It is in this context that we did a Game Rewind and examined one of those 3 bad’s, the pass defense, to get some understanding of what exactly took place. […]

Box of Crayons

The Giants won convincingly.  Carl Banks shared his thoughts with WFAN yesterday morning.  His takeaways were not as positive as the 31-7 score might lead us to believe..   Banks has a little different take from this team’s performance.  He openly admitted that he “may be the only person critical of the team.”  In the end […]

NYG 31 WAS 7

Win and move on.  That is exactly what the Giants had to do, that is what they did, next. Make no mistake, the Redskins are a bad team.  Albert Haynesworth isn’t even dressed.  Someone make a $100M donation to me for that kind of output!  Yes, they are converting to a 3-4, but this team […]

Simms, last thoughts on Skins, intragame comments

The Giants are not exactly killing the spread this year.  Add the wind in the forecast for today and we drop our prediction for a Giants win/cover and make NO CALL.  The Giants can and should win this game, but Eli+Wind is not for my money. Why?  Let’s look at the season so far, and […]

Q&A with Redskins Hog Heaven

Today we exchange Q&A with Anthony Brown of Redskins Hog Heaven, the Washington Redskins football blog here on Bloguin.  Here are our questions about the Skins and Anthony’s answers: Q1) Your OL has had so many troubles for quite some time.  Can you give us a recap and tell us how it is going to get fixed? […]