Impressively prepared by Harbaugh

On WFAN yesterday, Carl Banks summed up what the 49ers do best: “they put pressure on teams to do everything right.” Andy mentioned briefly in his recap yesterday of how “the 49ers coaches had their players better prepared.”  Banks emphasized this point by stating that, “as good as the (49ers) are, they are impressive because of […]

SF 27 NYG 20

This was a tough loss.  The Giants coaches and the players came to play and everyone knew what was at stake.  Understand from the outset of this recap that the Giants played a lot of inspired football.  They fought tooth and nail and this was not a ‘bad’ game by any stretch.  Eli was a play […]

A Giant defensive problem: Dealing with the 49ers unbalanced line

When New England’s BenJarvus Green-Ellis gained 18 yards on his first carry, this appeared to be a harbinger.  The Giants defense was going to give up a ton of rushing yards.  Another game in which the defense cannot stop the run.  Although Green-Ellis got off to an auspicious start, thankfully, the Giants defense held him […]

Lovie’s Adjustments and SF Preview News

Yesterday we discussed the keys to defending the spread offense.  Today we will discuss adjustments made which could be a sign of DC evolving to combat the instillation of the spread offense schematics into today’s NFL.  Also, we’ll recap some of the Giants news leading up to SF on Sunday. Lovie Smith, much like Perry […]

Defending the Spread

Two weeks ago we linked an article on the integration of the spread offense into the NFL by Dan Pompei of National Football Post. To summarize, Pompei quoted Belichick, Rodgers and Brees on the advantages of the spread offense.  Belichick even admitted to reaching out to the college master of the spread, Urban Meyer.  Only […]

Mid week Giants News

Reserve offensive lineman Adam Koets has been waived.   The Cold Hard Football Facts’ Patrick Imig discusses the Eli Manning “elite” hysteria.  Pro Football Weekly believes Eli is MVP candidate.   Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is loving Eli too.  King thinks Eli is better in the clutch than Peyton.   Statistics proving Eli is the BEST 4th quarter QB in the NFL.   Unproven players […]

Banks and Physical Nature to the Game

A great Sunday of football in New York as recapped by Banks on WFAN. Banks starts off by giving a big kudos to Jacobs as “his leadership was incredible.”  It wasn’t by words but purely “leading by example” with his tone setting reception early in the game by walking away from 3 Patriots sprawling on […]

NY Giants 24 NE 20

There are games that can change the fate of an entire season.  This was one of them.  This was one of the guttiest wins we have witnessed as Giants fans.  This team came into Foxboro against a Hall of Fame QB + Hall of Fame Coach, without their starting Center, WR and RB.  They played 60 […]

Baas, Bradshaw and Nicks will not play today vs the Pats

Ahmad Bradshaw, David Baas and Hakeem Nicks are all ruled out for the game with the Patriots.  None of them will make the trip up to New England.  Jason Pierre-Paul is a gametime decision.  Prince Amukamara made the trip.   Sunday morning I am en route to Texas and will miss Phil Simms on WFAN.  He usually comes on at 945AM, so […]


Giants fans are a day away from learning a lot more about their team.  This game tomorrow is indeed the first test of the “regular” season.  There are some interesting elements to this game tomorrow.  Brady and Belichick are always a test.  But the Patriots defense is the opening that the Giants MUST bust through.  We […]

Q&A with Foxboro Blog

We did a Q&A Exchange with Ricky Keeler of  Our answers to his questions are posted here.1.  The Patriots have the #32 defense in the NFL. And the Pats are also last in pass defense.  How are you going to win a Super Bowl w/o defense? I think the Patriots can win a Super Bowl with […]

Wonder breaks down NYG-PATS

Wonder roots for the Giants.  He roots for the Jets even more.  And if you add up those two, it is probably equal to his hate for the Patriots. Yes, Wonder loathes the Pats the way we cannot stand teams like the Eagles and the Cowboys.  So Wonder knows the Patriots inside out- I cannot imagine anyone better to […]

Running on Empty

Will the lack of a running game and a porous rush defense come back to haunt the Giants?  Yes, Halloween is over.  It is November.  Especially in these two areas, the Giants are not scaring anybody.  On the other hand, the NFL is a passing league.  Giants quarterback Eli Manning is playing extremely well.  The Giants […]

NYG 20 Miami 17

It is nice to get paid for playing 60 minutes, show up for only ~40 of them, still win and collect that game check.  As one commenter noted this past week, it is nice to have two bye weeks in a row.  The Giants did not play a bad game today.  This was not the […]