NYG 17 Buffalo 13

It’s the first preseason game.  Who looked good: 1) Damonster got a sack and a pressure.  He’s flashing.. we will look for more from Moore. 2) Nassib looked much better than at any time in 2013.  His pass to Washington for a TD was the eye-catching stat, but more importantly he was in command and […]

Training Camp Begins

The 2014 NY Giants season starts with training camp, which begins with its first practice tomorrow.  Two big news items hit in the past 24 hours: (1) Snee is retiring and (2) Wilson is completely cleared to practice and play football. Chris Snee’s body simply wore down before his desire.  While Snee was ready to […]

Draft: Day 3 Targets and Sleepers

See the list below.  It’s all about potential on Day 3.  Are you drafting to fill a roster for a year or two on specials, until the next player bounces him, OR are you looking to find a guy with the potential to make a difference?!  This list is all about players that have the […]

Giants select Richburg and Bromley in R2 & R3

Richburg is a Center. That was need, since the physical health of Walton is not certain.  Bromley is a DT.  The Giants like drafting DT’s (Joseph, Austin, Hankins, Bromley) with high draft picks.  Not sure why, but that’s what they do. I guess I question what the point is to drafting these guys high if […]

Odell Beckham selected in Round 1

Just remember that Taylor Lewan went 11 and Odell Beckham went 12. Barring injury, that will tell the story of great vs good. Regulars to this NY Giants blog know that I am not a fan of taking WRs in Round 1. So forgive me if I am not doing cartwheels for taking a WR. […]

Final 2014 Draft Thoughts

OUR 10 GUYS: CLOWNEY ROBINSON MATTHEWS LEWAN MACK BARR WATKINS EVANS EBRON GILBERT These are the 10 guys, one of which the Giants must take when they pick at 12. If Barr or Ebron is one of the 2 left at 12 and you pass on them, shame on you. Ebron will totally change the […]

Versatility vs Dominance

The Rules For Winning in the NFL was originally posted July 4, 2007.  Some modifications have been made over the years, as a few rules have been added and deleted.  The league has changed.  But the lion’s share have stood the test of time. We are days away from the Draft, and there are more than […]

Mark Cuban Echoes UltimateNYG

What do Mark Cuban and UltimateNYG have in common? Well, one of them is a billionaire and the other is not.  But when it comes to observations about the business of professional football, both are warning about dire consequences if the path of the NFL continues. “I think the NFL is 10 years away from […]

Holliday, Manningham, Jerry sign with Giants

Jerry Reese's whirlwind Free Agency of 2014 continues.  The latest development is that John Jerry of Bully-gate fame has signed with the Gmen.  When the details of the (NFL's independent 3rd party) Wells investigation into the Martin-Dolphins bullying was released, we read the entire report.  It was a sickening recounting of how 3 players (Richie […]

DRC signs 5 yr Deal with the NY Giants

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has signed with the NY Giants!  More kudos for snagging a terrific CB. Since the era of Free Agency began in 1994, there has never been a year like this one for the NY Giants.  Nothing from the past 20 years comes close to the ferocious path with which Jerry Reese has taken […]


UPTICK UPTICK UPTICK UPTICK! The Giants have absolutely killed it these past two days!  Fantastic moves. 1) We loved the Geoff Schwartz signing yesterday, as the Giants got one of the top 10 solid free agents in the 2014 crop.  He's a solid football player bordering on all pro, he's 27, he fits a huge […]