I won’t back down

Well, the past 3 days have seen the media ease off of the Giants. Considerably. Now everyone is figuring out what Phil Simms said here on 12/3 and what I said on 12/10… that if the Giants play their cards right they are in the playoffs. But what no one is saying this week is […]

Strahan injury update If you want to believe in our chances, you need him playing.

No shit…

From Serby–Manning gathered his offense together and words the Giants have been longing to hear from their quarterback pierced one corner of the visiting locker room.“Eli was pretty vocal before the game,” Jay Feely was saying after Giants 27, Panthers 13, “more so than any other time I’ve ever heard him. The offense always comes […]

Accorsi the poet

Accorsi uses the 2006 Cardinals’ (83 win regular season) World Series as a metaphor for the Giants in simply emphasizing getting to the playoffs for keeping championship dreams alive. Until you tell me we are getting back both Petitgout and Strahan I will hear none of that fantasizing. Problem is that baseball is not football. […]

NYG 27 Carolina 13

The Panthers were injury-riddled. We were bad, and the Panthers were worse. Was some of it no Delhomme? Yes. A good QB and a set of receivers who can hold onto the ball for them and we get roasted. The funny thing is that the Giants picked up the win, they can win against the […]

Delhomme looking less likely to play

From the Charlotte Observer: “In yet another sign that quarterback Jake Delhomme will miss Sunday’s name with the N.Y. Giants due to a right thumb injury, the Panthers activated rookie Brett Basanez from the practice squad Saturday afternoon. “Chris Weinke is expected to start in Delhomme’s place. It will be Weinke’s first start since 2002. […]

‘Short’ synopsis

“They tried to bring more men in the box than the Giants could block and tried not to let Plaxico or [Jeremy] Shockey beat them deep,” said Brandon Short of last year’s playoff game vs the Panthers. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The game plan was on the cover of the Friday […]

reprinted email (blog precursor) from January 19, 2004

John Fox:1) Takes a 1-15 team and goes to 8-8 in his first season2) Gets them to the playoffs in his second season3) Duplicates the Parcells stunner by getting his team to the Conference Championship in Year 2 also4) Passes Parcells by going to the ‘show’ Impressive. I know the NFC is garbage, but he […]

John Fox

We here on this blog are ILL. HL, Marvelous, Dr. Rob, RG.. we ALL wanted Fox. Read this from Paul Schwartz and weep… NY Post: JOHN Fox never knew how close he was to becoming the Giants’ head coach. In early 2001, after the Giants shocked the football world by surging all the way to […]

Flex this!

I just got word this evening that the NFL has moved the Eagles-Giants game to a 415PM start. That makes this the THIRD game moved out of an eight game schedule. RIDICULOUS. The NFL needs to put in a rule that only one of the 8 games can be moved around. The fans are being […]

Warm Porridge

The more I think about yesterday’s loss to the Boys, the more I see how evident it is that Coughlin’s players do not fear him. I am a huge Shockey fan. But he went on my sh*t list when he openly complained about the benching of Burress last season for missing/lateness to a meeting/s. Shockey […]

Dallas 23 NY 20

I saw that we changed our uniform colors, but instead of going to red, they might as well have made it the silver and black. 9 penalties for 94 yards? 4 personal fouls? In one game? C’mon. Ludicrous. So now this is the 4th straight loss. The Bears, Jaguars, Titans and Cowboys did not outplay […]

Let hotter heads prevail

The point that struck me this week was the hypocrisy of Coughlin’s order. Preparedness, discipline and rules are supposed to be his trademark. Yet when he is that emotional on the sidelines, how can that not unravel all of that work? How is he able to think clearly and rationally when he is wild? And […]

In Blezow We Trust

You cannot make this stuff up. Barber calls out the coaching staff before Jax. Coughlin berates Kiwanuka on the sidelines. Coughlin calls out Manning. Strahan calls out Burress. Media calls out Strahan. Strahan calls out Naqi. Naqi calls out …Warhol for her 15 minutes. Will the underdog Gmen prevail on Sunday? I am not optimistic. […]

Ultimatenyg- first blog post November 30, 2006

Did you notice that when Eli Manning was scrambling on that last INT, he had poor mechanics? ..that he did not stop and plant his feet for a throw that would have likely had much more zip and not been underthrown? The person who noticed this said that he believes that the reason for this […]