1) Kudos to Harold, who points out more Coughlin foibles. Some mention that the FG required at the end of the Bear game was such a tangible risk, that it is a PAT distance which our kicker can miss, thus making the strategy of burning down the clock and taking the PAT FG somehow riskier […]

The Joys of Philly

One Giant player reminded us of what makes this weekend a special one in the NFL season… “Just the proximity, it’s so close, I think they really try to stick it to you when you come down the highway,” C Shaun O’Hara said. “It’s always fun driving into the stadium to see how many people […]

Manning by the numbers

YEAR QB Rating Ranking2007 Manning 74 252006 Manning 77 182005 Manning 76 232004 Warner 87 142003 Collins 71 252002 Collins 85 T7-152001 Collins 77 172000 Collins 83 121999 Graham/Collins74 261998 Kanell 67 251997 Kanell 71 271996 Brown 61 311995 Brown 73 221994 Brown 73 211993 Simms 88 4

Coughlin is a Meathead 21 Bears 16

You have 1:37 on the clock, first and goal from the 2, Bears 16 NYG 14, what do you do? Meathead Coughlin runs the ball in for a TD on first down, assuring the Bears of arguably their best chance for winning the game. TAKE A KNEE! Force them to burn their last remaining time […]

Bears Preview

I just saw Kimberly Jones on “This Week in Football.” She is one of the beat writers, and reports something from earlier in the week that I did not see…. seems that Eli Manning on Monday was asked about the 3 balls batted down at the line of scrimmage and was queried about them (in […]

Cable vs NFL Network Math

Some math before the NFLN Dallas/GB non-telecast begins. There are 100M cable subscribers. 100M * $0.70/month * 12 months = $840M dollars. For EIGHT FREAKIN’ GAMES! OF WHICH ~TWO OR THREE ARE ANY GOOD! If they gave too many good games to NFLN, then FOX, NBC, ESPN, and CBS would all get pissed at how […]

NFL Network crushes access to DAL vs GB

Milking the theme of “exposed,” we now get to say that Thurs night’s Dal-GB game on the NFL Network will expose the NFL’s greed. Nothing like a blacked out blockbuster to put the spotlight this time on the league’s attempt to get every cable subscriber to pony up 70 cents per month to pay for […]

It always starts and ends with Manning

The passing rating numbers: 2004= 55 2005= 76 2006= 77 2007= 75 GM Reese: “The quarterback has gotten skittish, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because he’s feeling pressure, but he has to get used to that, because it’s going to keep coming. I think he can do it, because he’s shown he can. He was […]

Just read the prev post from 7AM this morning

The previous post, a pre-game warning about Sharper, says it all. When does management put in a stop-loss order on this QB? Better yet, when does management get a backup to challenge this guy for his job? Fyi the assist goes to Schwartz on the pregame interview which tipped me off to the Viking secondary […]

remember Darren Sharper today

I was there 2 years ago when the Giants fell asleep to the Vikings and lost a game they should have won. Similarly, they play a weaker team once again at home two years later, and Giant veterans are quick to point out that this team is different. But I will remind everyone that two […]

Still playing in the shadow of that DAL loss

The Giants face the remaining two NFC North teams (Min, at Chi) in successive weekends. Both of these teams are 0-2 vs NFC East teams (Dal and Phi). The Viking game sb a win because Eli Manning sb able to throw all day while the Vikings will only be able to run on us. Peterson […]

two horrendous calls by the officials

Joke call #1- Kitna has nowhere to go, runs ~2 steps to his LEFT, is about to get sacked and the ball comes loose. FUMBLE! No, say the officials. SACK! No, say the officials. Intentional grounding??? No again. And the ruling is….Incomplete forward pass! @#$%^&*! SOMEHOW, instead of this being a disaster for the Lions, […]

NYG 16 Lions 10

Not pretty. A win is a win, especially on the road. But the game should not have been this close. As we have been saying all season, the Giants made enough mistakes to cost them vs better teams, but since they happened vs a weaker team we still managed to prevail. This theme has plenty […]

6 days in the desert

I was trying to figure out why there was no post the past 6 days. Answer- because there was a finality to the Giants’ season this week. It is over. No, of course the Giants are a decent team this year and there are more than a few things to get excited about… like the […]

Dal 31 NYG 20… EXPOSED.

The Giants were exposed. They were beaten by a better team. The Giants lost this game at the line of scrimmage. Not badly. But enough. The Giants made mistakes that a better opponent forces you to make, and they made fewer plays because the better opponent gave us fewer opportunities. The Giants also made mistakes […]