Bradshawlic’s Anonymous Meeting #3

For those of you who do not get the reference, on my blog profile I have a quote from Casablanca where the Nazis are trying to close up Rick’s (Humphrey Bogart) Night Club. “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here,” exclaims Captain Renault (Claude Raines), when coming up with charges […]

Motown finds a Michigan guy

Motown woke us up to a Michigan guy. His name is Carl Banks, and he called out Kevin Gilbrown on everything, even at two points by name. He speaks to the issue of rhythm that Wonder stresses. He speaks out to ALL the things we ALL said on Sunday night. He speaks out to all […]

Beauty Contest

Before the fans started voting in the Pro Bowl, it was actually a better assessment of talent.. your peers knew who was better than the outsiders. The fans now count for 33%, so the Pro Bowl is a little bit of a Beauty Contest. So last year when guys like Snee got snubbed, we noted […]

Webster’s Dictionary

1) Negligent– failing to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstancesIncompetent– lacking qualities for effective actionOf the two, negligence is far more serious. It implies known neglect. Yesterday’s post dealt with Gilbrown’s incompetence. But the more I thought about it, Gilbrown allowing his QB to get sacked 8 times […]

Week 15 Comments

First, let me take a different approach then most of you. I applaud J.REESE for signing Webster, but until I learn the REAL details of the deal, I am NOT happy… $43M for 5 years ? Are you KIDDING me ? Granted, Webster is very good, but he’s NOT UNBELIEVABLE…which is what you should get […]

Garrett 20 Gilbrown 6

This game saw BOTH offenses have the same exact problem. Each team’s offense had no running game, each team’s defense could tee off on the pass rush, one team adapted and the other did not. In fact, the Giants offense had the better hand- Romo was beat up and hurting, almost immobile for most of […]

Corey Webster signed!

For those of you who missed it, thanks Motown for breaking the story here only minutes after it came out. See comments in previous post. Corey Webster was signed to a new deal through 2013, 5 yrs, $43M, $20M guaranteed. Considering the expansion of the salary cap, the ~8.6M/yr avg they are paying him is […]

Phil Simms Week 15

1) Steelers-Ravens: Field Turf at Baltimore helps them, not the same as Heinz Field. Numbers DO tell the story for Pit defense, not a single team has put up 300 yds vs the Steelers this season. (ultimatenyg> Yes, but the Giants got into the red zone SIX times, were able to move the ball against […]

NYG at DAL tonight

The Giants got dropped last week and are still hurt and undermanned. The consensus sees problems with the gmen, that the mounting loss of players is taking its toll. The Giants are a lot better team than they showed last week, so if they have been playing with (1) concentration and purpose all season, what […]

Wonder’s Jints’ BITS !!

some observations: 1. The main reason our pass rush has been weak lately is that we are NOT getting the push up inside..Robbins is not blowing up the pocket the way he was earlier in the a result, the OT’s can push Tuck, Kiw OUTSIDE, which forces their QB’s to step up in the […]

Showtime Phil Simms Week 15

Where do you find Phil Simms? You find him on the Showtime link, but you also find him here on the Ultimatenyg New York Giants blog. 1) NYG at DAL. “Dallas will beat the NY Giants.” “IF Dallas can make the playoffs (thinks they will), I believe they are a big time threat to the […]


Thankfully, the G-men staff have WOKEN up and smelled the roses!!..and let Jacobs HEAL…if he’s ok, as I’ve said before, PLAY him in the ONLY game that matters-against Panthers…SPARINGLY…and then REST him until the playoffs…if he’s not good to go next week, just let him rest the WHOLE way until the playoffs..and hope we can […]

Holiday Gift Ideas from Ultimatenyg

(Warning, some might find the content of this video objectionable.) I know this is a New York Jets, er I mean New York Giants Blog, but this morning when the Senate voted down the Auto Bailout I decided to go to SNL to rewatch that video of them lampooning the auto execs. Instead I was […]


A little while back we did a post on Corey Webster, bringing attention to the quiet but great job he is doing at cornerback. Pastime and Mitch noted he becomes a free agent soon… The message here is simple: re-sign him NOW before he enters free agency this coming March. The Giants cannot afford to […]