Poll, Pro Bowl, etc..

1) It being December 31st, we ask YOU what YOU would do with the coaching staff of the NY Giants.  See the POLL on the upper left and vote. 2) The Pro Bowl selections were released on Tuesday.  Speaking for myself, others may or may not agree with me but I find these contests somewhat misleading. They […]

4 games with 40+ points allowed

Of all of the things we have seen this year, the item that is the worst for me personally is allowing 40 points in a single game.  It is a threshold that your defense should rarely permit during a season.  There are not enough possessions or time in the game to normally allow such a […]

Banks: A** whooping disgrace

Many may have anticipated the reaction and words of the original #58 especially given he is an accomplished former New York Football Giant alumni.   Banks apparently felt this emotionally as he states that he was “torn ever since the game ended as a guy who wore the uniform to (now undertaking his role as) a […]

Let us be Giants- A song about the 2009 season

Let us be Giants.  A song about the 2009 season… Words by Andy Furman Performed by Josh Freeburn “Let us be Giants we’ll marry our fortunes together” “I’ve got some Super Bowls here in my bag” So we bought a Boley and a Canty and Mrs. CC Brown And we walked off to look for XLIV “Tom,” I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Denver […]

Carolina 41 Giants 9

Michael Strahan at HALFTIME (paraphrased): The Giants are playing with no heart. They are in front of all those former Giants for the last game at Giants Stadium, and with the (lack of) effort they gave, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs! So there you have it. Even if Dallas somehow loses tonight, […]

More Simms Part II and Intragame comments CAR-NYG

1) When Simms thinks about (the final game at) Giants Stadium, he thinks about the (a) hard field and (b) the cold (windy) weather.  His #1 memory is the one Mitch brought up yesterday, the January 1987 NFC Championship game which enabled the team to go to the Super Bowl.  “Unbelievable.”  (From a professional standpoint, […]

Phil Simms for Week 16

Phil Simms, Warren Sapp and Cris Collinsworth discussed the Giants-Panthers game. Sapp is taking the Panthers, while Simms and Collinworth are taking the Giants. Sapp: “The Carolina running game is built on them being tough. The Giants are just playing tough. Carolina wins this game.” Simms: “(The Giants) are the hardest team to pick this […]

Respect for others

I go away for a day and this is how I am rewarded.  I bust my a** for 3 years running this blog, and the grief is not worth it.  I have banned a few commenters.  I took no pleasure in this.  It is only the second time I have had to do this in […]

Hope and Objectivity

The hope stampede was alive and well after Monday night’s rout.  Predictions should be based on objectivity, not on sentiment.  Predictions may or may not be the same as sentiment.  There is nothing more objective than Las Vegas odds.  It may not be what is correct.  That is why they play the game.  But since betting is […]

Kevin Gilbride

Ultimatenyg has advocated a list of antidotes for the Giants offense that were implemented this past Monday night.  What a cocktail:Liberal use of screens.  Slip screens.Liberal use of the Tight End.  More Bradshaw IN SPACE, not just behind the line of scrimmage.MORE BOSS.   What happened, Kevin?!!!  We have been waiting for screens EVER SINCE W14 last season when Jim […]

Banks: “un-noticed improvement”

Carl Banks on WFAN Tuesday gives his take on the Giants’ dominating performance and their un-noticed improvement.  Many followers on this blog, however, will take offense to what he calls schematically an “un-noticed but biggest improvement by this offense with Eli Manning up and under center on 1st and 2nd down .”  Carl goes on […]

NY Giants 45 Washington 12

Did someone give Kevin Gilbride a brain transplant?  Someone must have read the Giants/coaches the riot act, because we saw wholesale changes last night everywhere.  The result was a thrashing of the Skins. Seeing the Giants destroy an opponent (for the first time since Week 5 vs the Raiders) is refreshing.  We have been talking all year about so […]

Q&A with a Redskins Blogger

We spoke with Mike Rannells of ‘Fight For Old D.C.‘ and exchanged some Q&A on each other’s football team.  Here are Mike’s answers to a few of our questions: 1) It has been effectively an entire season since the Giants and Redskins played one another.  This is a different team than the one the Giants saw Week […]

Dallas 24-17, Simms for Week 15

With Dallas winning last night over New Orleans, the Giants’ chances for a playoff appearance have dropped.  All of this is irrelevant in the big picture, because the Giants are going nowhere this (post)season.  Barring a miracle where all of a sudden the defensive breakdowns are eliminated, the Giants do not have defense and will […]