PHL 19 NYG 17

The Giants beat themselves.  Lack of pocket contain on defense.  Gilbride lack of small ball for ~ the first half of the game on offense.  ONE RUNNING BACK SCREEN.  THE ENTIRE GAME.  Underachievement.  There were plenty of mistakes all around.  The mere fact that the game was within reach down to the very end makes […]

Giants Eagles Preview

We spoke with Wonder about tonight's Eagles Giants game to get a preview for what we need to see for a Giants win.  In short, if the Giants play their game, they should beat the Eagles. Things the Giants can and must do: 1) Run the ball.  The Eagles run defense is not good. They […]

Roger Goodell’s Comedy of Errors Continues

  What is the job of the NFL Commissioner?  Is it to “work for the NFL owners?”  We keep hearing this nonsense on radio.  Of course Roger Goodell works for the owners, and the owners sign his check. We all get that. But what is the Commissioner’s charge?  What is he RESPONSIBLE for? What is […]

Giants Handle Panthers 36-7

  Some early thoughts before we get our hands on the All-22 film of the Giants 36-7 spanking of the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. …the formula for beating the Panthers was quite simple for the undermanned Giants on Thursday. So simple that Andy was able to sum it up in less than 140 characters […]

Snee Pancake on McCoy 1

Week 2 Jump to Conclusions Mat-OL, TE, LB Edition

This week we will be including the full play-by-play grade sheet to supplement the leap towards conclusions. They can be found here along with last week’s grade sheet. This will not only supplement the analysis but it will allow readers to follow along whether it be on DVR or Game Rewind.     Offensive Line […]

NY Giants beat Tampa Bay in a thriller!

Had it all the way. Not.  We'll spend the next couple of days talking about this one.  The Giants outgained 277 yds to TB 124 yds in the first half.  The Giants outgained 327 yds to TB 183 yds in the second half.  So this game should not have even been close, given the Gmen […]

Healthy Giants Look Primed to Respond in Week 2

A few quick thoughts as we approach 24 hours till kickoff… …the key matchup Sunday is TB RDT Gerald McCoy lined up across from David Baas and Kevin Boothe. While the All-22 film confirmed it, anyone who caught a glimpse of the game on Redzone could see that McCoy finally showed signs of blossoming into the player he […]

Wonder shares his first impressions of 2012

Wonder goes around the league with his first impressions on all 32 teams. NE– Still not sold on 2 things: OL and overall Defense, particularly pass defense.MIA– By Thanksgiving, we’ll be wondering who they take w 1 of the top picks in the draft. NYJ– Don’t get sucked in. They still can’t run the ball […]

Snee Blowd Up

Week 1 Jump to Conclusions Mat- Offensive Line Edition

Each week we'll be offering some insights and conclusions based on what we saw in the All-22 tape. We'll share some general observations, analysis of key plays (both good and bad) and a look ahead to what the opposing unit has in the week ahead. With that, let's get out our Jump to Conclusions Mat. […]

Some individual numbers from the Dallas Game

Over the course of the season, the numbers we will be passing along will make more sense because they will be compared to earlier games.  So far, the TE, QB, DE and LB evaluations have come through and we can share some “early returns.” Remember the grading? +2 for a tremendous play +1 for a […]

Early Defensive End Observations from Dallas Game

The amount of data crunching has been very large.  We have not completed and compiled all of the grades from all of the positions yet. While we are awaiting all of the returns from our staff, we coded every single play for many characteristics.  As an example, we tracked different types of pass plays, and […]

Ultimate22 takes on the Dallas review

The ‘All 22’ review of games, also known as Ultimate22, was given an introduction yesterday on The NY Times Fifth Down Football Blog.  The limitations of making a grade within a single play and the macro statistical advantage of evaluating large numbers of plays were discussed in the comments section at greater length.  Here is […]

Dallas 24 NYG 17

In the past we would provide a detailed recap of the game.  The effort to provide Ultimate22, a comprehensive and objective recap of player performance, seeks to replace the coverage in large part.  Still, there are MACRO THEMES that need to be summarized here.  This recap is not trying to catch ALL the points.  Please […]

Opening Day- Dallas vs the GMen

Some opening day thoughts at the start of the 2012 season… 1) “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”  Yes, the Force runs strong in Eli’s family. Eli can sense pass rushers that he cannot even see.  He has mastery of his weapons, including Cruz and Nicks.  Add Bradshaw, Wilson and a healthy […]