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Andre Brown Continues to Push Through Obstacles

  The return of Andre Brown was crucial for the Giants on so many levels, providing the team a jolt on the field and a source of motivation off. Brown's hard-fought journey to return and his first game back were certainly a highlight in a season where they have few and far between. On the field, just […]

NYG 24 OAK 20

  More bad football.  "The teams traded mistakes throughout." The procession of opponents with not-ready-for-primetime QBs continued. Josh Freeman in his first appearance in a Viking uniform.  Check. A hobbled Vick, followed by Matt Barkley.  Check. A hobbled Pryor who was unable to run beyond a trot.  Check. Up next is Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone, […]

To JPP or not to JPP, that is the Question

Andy Dufresne, in a letter to Red (Shawshank Redemption): "Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies." How much hope is there in the NY Giants 2013 season?  At 0-6, there was none.  But along the way, a few things happened that have worked the […]

Snapshots on NFL’s 32 Teams at Week 10

UlitmateNYG's resident football savant, Wonder, goes around the NFL with snapshots on all 32 teams.  He does not have flattering things to say about the NY Giants. NE– Either Belichick is the greatest coach in the world, or the Pats are the luckiest in the world. BUF– Bright future, but injury to EJ Manuel sets […]

Justin Tuck Quietly Among NFL’s Best DE in 2013

  Some in the media and (what seems like) many Giants fans view Justin Tuck as a shell of himself and consider him to be a non-factor at this point in his career. With his contract expiring at season's end, it is certainly possible that Tuck is beginning his final eight games as a Giant. […]

The Sound of Denial

Longtime commenter "I Bleed Blue" remarked 2 days ago how he looked forward to the bye to finally hear the words from on high… Jerry Reese's media tour. Ricky: "Luuuucy. You got some 'splainin to do!" I am sure he was disappointed. On an interview late yesterday with Mike Francesa, Reese was asked about the […]

NYG 15 PHI 7

A win is a win.  A road win is even better.  The Giants had an 8 game road losing streak.  Good riddance to that streak.  The Eagles now have a 10 game losing streak at home.  That ongoing malady breaks my heart. Not.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the Linc. Dallas snatched defeat from the jaws […]

Hill has Proven Worth the Wait for Big Blue D

  As Giants fans, our season has devloved into a search for silver linings. A 1-6 start to the season will do that to you, but in order to take some good from the 2013 season it is what we as fans have to do as fall turns to winter. As Rich did in his […]

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Pierre-Paul Shows Signs of a Return to Form

  The Giants offensive line has struggled quite some time now, dating back to Week 9 of last season. No coincidence that the week prior was the last we have seen of a dominant Chris Snee (he is still battling the hip labrum injury, one that seems destined to end his career). We have pointed […]

NYG 23 MIN 7

In the land of the blind, the team with cataracts is king.  This game set the NFL back about 30 years.  Someone had to win, and mercifully for the Giants, it was them.  The Giants made less mistakes than Minnesota and came out on top.  Woof.  The defense played well, pitching a shutout.  Adrian Peterson was […]

Cox, Giants Run Game Set to Build on Week 6 Effort

  Since the Giants have yet to pick up an actual victory yet this season, we as fans have to take solace in the small victories. Maybe these victories come from a particular position group or player developing as the season goes on. With a shot at a championship long gone in the rear view […]

Making Sense of 0-6

  Lots of odds and ends, a sort of house cleaning as we move ahead in this long 10 day layoff between games. 1) We keep trying to get across a message that the defense is not really the problem this season, that it's the offense.  Well, in stark numbers, the defense is about neutral […]

CHI 27 NYG 21

  More mistakes, Part 6. 3 turnovers.  No pass rush.  Eli throws 2 picks in first 2 drives.  Was Jernigan and then Randle on the wrong route tree?  The Giants never had a lead, as they dug a hole for themselves that they could not climb out of.  No sacks.  Very limited pressure. At the […]

Backs to the Wall

We are tired about having to report all of the failings of the 2013 NY Giants.  Let's talk about some of the good things we see this season. 1) Will Hill.  In his first game back, he took all of the snaps and was ubiquitous. 2) Prince Amukamara.  Everyone saw the TD he gave up […]